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Friday, May 7, 2010

Fuck me, I'm on BBC!

Last February some guys from BBC contacted me through my blog because they are producing a documentary program "Ma La Yoqal(Forbidden talk)" which has an episode about homosexuality in the Arab World called "Ana Mithly(I'm Gay!)". I got excited and of course I agreed to meet them and see if my terms concerning my security & keeping my anonymity will be fulfilled or not. They were really nice and trustworthy so I agreed to appear on the show and talk about my life as a homosexual/blogger who lives in Egypt.

So YES bitches, I've made it to BBC and I'm homosexual who can perform in Egypt unlike Sir Elton John!

Homosexuality in the Arab World from George Pagliero on Vimeo.

Update: the video is now streaming through the director's Vimeo page since it was taken off BBC website's server

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

When do we cross-dress the line?

So I've been told recently that I push people's limits, that I act & respond while presuming that others are okay with what I'm saying or doing and that I don't always know the fine line between humor and seriousness. So few days ago while I was stoned and my head was spinning,in a good way,I thought about getting this straight gay and wondered about what really makes that line so fine?! How come the degree of fining varies differently between each one and other? Aren't we the ones who draw that fine line that looks like an eye liner's line; you think it will make things look smoother but it drains you and by the time it's lunch, you're done!

Seriously, what's the line between humor and seriousness or revenge & total destruction(that's for u :P) or good & bad or politically correct & incorrect or sarcasm & viciousness or use & abuse or erotic & sick or religion & myth or or or? Also when do you know that you crossed the line? What are the signs? What if people like to pushed off limits but they are in denial? Actually what if you indirectly enjoy pushing people off their limits? Why are we making a big deal out of it?!

Aren't our boundaries the formula to that line? They are like a foundation cream that smooth out the face and cover spots or uneven skin coloration before we apply the makeup. And although everyone seems to be playing well within the boundaries of his usual rule set, don't you always need someone who leaps over boundaries, changes your nervous systems, creates a new language, transmits new kinds of joy to your startled senses and spirits?

So shall we cross-dress the line or we are not quite ready for a no makeup life movie?