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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Don't talk, you'll wreck it!

Last time I wrote a personal post, Mubarak was still in office! I've been writing a certain post for so long that now it looks like random thoughts that are paragraphed only in my head but not on paper so I've decided to post this post to try to break my dry spell(no pun intended)!

Scene I:

Him: heyyyy
Me: Hi
Him: how are u ?
Me: Good
Me: u
Him: i'm great
Him: i'm sorry where do u live again ?
Me: Cairo
Him: hahahah ya i know
Me: I don't remember u either lol
Him: i mean where in cairo ?
Me: (X)
Him: mmm
Him: i'm (X) 22 yrs
Him: lives in (X)
Me: What's ur profile?
Him: but i will be in (X) area for the week
Him: (X) on jam
Him: urs ?
Me: (X)
Him: i like ur pix
Me: Thx
Him: so maybe we can meet for adrink sometime if u want
Me: Can't we just meet 4 sex directly? :p
Him: hahaha
Him: maybe we can meet for adrink first and then we see
Me: I don't understand this abt most of guys in Egypt! Lol
Me: What will happen in "having a drink and seeing"? :D
Me: If it's abt "seeing", u saw me already in pics n you'll c me n have drink or smoke a joint if u want before we've sex lol mesh hanott 3ala ba3d immediately ya3ni
Him: it means we can meet , see each other and have adrink speak
Him: and maybe we have asex after
Me: Aren't we "speaking" now? LOL
Him: ya but u know
Me: Yeah?
Him: sometimes you chat with some one and then u meet him and u see atotally different guy
Me: I'm aware of that, but you've a tongue that u can use and say "u r a nice guy but I don't think we've chemistry"
Him: hahahha
Him: u know what
Him: i really like ur pic
Him: from the chat ya u r nice guy
Me: Yeah thx
Him: maybe we can go for the sex

Scene II:
So I cursed the hormones that made me log on our online freak show and thought about checking "grindr", I mean it's clearly a hook-up mobile app, nothing should go wrong and in the night I should be fucking with someone through it. But little did I assume to know!

Me: Hey sexy, what's up?
Him: Good, u?
Me: Good too, thnx
Him: Where r u from?
Me: Egyptian Moroccan living in (X), u?
Him: I'm Egyptian but living a board
Me: Aha ok! Here on vacation or business?
Him: Business but I'm staying at my parents house in (X)
Me: It's okay, I've got a place
Him: What r u looking for?
Me: Sex

Him: What's ur role?
Me: both, u?

Him: Top
Me: oh really? what's ur dick size?
Him: 17cm but thick
Me: Interesting!
Me: So when r u usually free? Free tomorrow after 2pm if u like to meet for some fun?
Him: I finish work around 2
Me: great then!
Him: We can meet for coffee first
Me: What for?
Him: So we can see each ather, talk a little and c if we get a long
Me: You saw already many pics for me and you'll c me when we meet!
Me: And abt "talking", you've got the 10-15min awkward minutes before sex where u can talk all u want! :p
Him: you r wierd!
Me: No, you r here for 10 days!
Him: so what?
Me: So u r 30 years old, I'm 22 so we're both basically what? 40?! Why can't u just be realistic and accept the fact that there is no need for us to "socialize" or "be friends" since I've a bf, don't need "long distance" friends who live "a board" and I've told u from the beginning that I'm looking for sex!

*The End & I've No Comment, really*

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Homophobia is the solution?

Not too long ago, the ex.vice-president, Omar Suleiman, used "Muslim Brotherhood" as an "Islamophobic" straw-man in all his interviews during the Jan25 Revolution to scare the whole world of what would happen if Mubarak left. Today, the Muslim Brotherhood are using homophobia and xenophobia to attract people's votes like they did before during the constitutional referendum and influenced people to vote "yes"!

On the 3..5.2011, at rally attended by about twenty five thousand people in Tanta, capital of the Gharbiya governorate north of Cairo, Mohammed Badie, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood stated that "it is not permissible for Democracy to allow what's forbidden (haram) or forbid what's allowed(halal) even if the entire nation agreed to it."

He stressed that "the seekers of freedom and democracy and citizenship will only find them in Islam which is keen to build a good man", adding  "the West has allowed gay marriage under the pretext of democracy, which we will never allow in Egypt, and we will not allow under the pretext of national unity that a Muslim woman would get married to a Christian man which violates the Islamic law(Sharia)."

The Muslim Brotherhood infamously campaigned "Islam is the solution" during parliamentary elections a couple of years ago. Today, it says it will contest half of the seats in the country's parliamentary elections in September, revealing plans to become a major force in the country's post-revolution politics (though it had previously promised it would not compete for more than 30 per cent of seats). For this end it has founded a new political party called “The Freedom and Justice Party”, and appointed its new leaders in a press conference last Saturday. 
"This is not a religious or a theocratic party," claimed Mahmoud Morsi, the party's newly appointed hawkish leader. He described the platform of the Freedom and Justice Party as civil but with an Islamic background that adheres to the constitution. Brotherhood leaders said that the political party will be separate and independent from the religious group, although in effect, it was the Brotherhood’s own Shura council that elected the Party’s leaders. Both the party’s leader, and it’s vice president, Dr. Essam Elarian, have been long active in the Muslims Brotherhood of Egypt. The latter infamously declared (when he was the Muslim Brotherhood’s spokesman) during the notorious Cario 52 or Queen Boat incident in 2002: "From my religious view, all the religious people, in Christianity, in Judaism, condemn homosexuality. … It is against the whole sense in Egypt. The temper in Egypt is against homosexuality."
Nine years later, even after the amazing changes taking place in Egypt, has Dr. Essam Elarian changed his mind? In a recent interview to the Guardian he said: "The issue of human rights has become a global language," he said. "Although each country has its own particulars, respect of human rights is now a concern for all peoples" – though he specifically excluded gay rights. So it seems at best he has slightly moderated his tone but not his views.
Although the Brotherhood appears to have firmly embraced democracy, the means for reconciling that with its religious principles are not entirely clear: the issue of God's sovereignty versus people's sovereignty looks to have been fudged rather than resolved, and this is most apparent for women, non-Muslims and minorities, including Egypt’s LGBT community. We can thus rightly ask: for the Freedom and Justice Party – homophobia is the solution to cover up this blatant contradiction?

Article was published on GayMiddleEast 
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