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Friday, May 7, 2010

Fuck me, I'm on BBC!

Last February some guys from BBC contacted me through my blog because they are producing a documentary program "Ma La Yoqal(Forbidden talk)" which has an episode about homosexuality in the Arab World called "Ana Mithly(I'm Gay!)". I got excited and of course I agreed to meet them and see if my terms concerning my security & keeping my anonymity will be fulfilled or not. They were really nice and trustworthy so I agreed to appear on the show and talk about my life as a homosexual/blogger who lives in Egypt.

So YES bitches, I've made it to BBC and I'm homosexual who can perform in Egypt unlike Sir Elton John!

Homosexuality in the Arab World from George Pagliero on Vimeo.

Update: the video is now streaming through the director's Vimeo page since it was taken off BBC website's server


  1. Love you all.. very touching ..Thank u for speaking for all of us..god bless us all =)

  2. YaaY! How exciting!
    I do wish the documentary was a little bit more uplifitng though. I suppose that's just the way it is :)

  3. nice speech dude ..... god bless you

  4. The question is: is there ever hope, for anything?
    sometimes I think so, but then I go back hope, and the topic of homosexuality comes up between friends, or within family after a will and grace rerun on tv or something...I dont know! seems a bit dark right now.
    may god be with you

  5. Moe:
    Thanks dear =)

    So u liked what I've said? =P

    Mostafa Mahmoud:
    Thank u

    Well If we gave up hope as well, what else we will be left with?
    Thanks for ur nice comment

  6. As always :P.. I think what you, your friends and the egyptian girl said painted a very clear picture of the dark side of life in egypt, which is the life of a lot of homosexuals and others who don't fit in to the "normal" way of life. Being able to talk about it is a brave step forward. That video is really depressing, but on the bright side, it can only get better? x

  7. I don't think it will ever get better as long as the flock is blindly following what some "religious figures" say about it , and their interpretation of qur'an , or whatever concerning the topic . It will always be like that as long as the people have this religious way of thinking. Even when they r not religious at all , they lie , they cheat , they bribe , but when it comes to homosexuality , noooo 7aram !!! 我操!

  8. That's true but it's not only about religions, u know! =)

  9. Fuck arab societies

  10. Lol in this prespective, i second that!

  11. Did your parents see you on TV ;)?

  12. Thank you to represent us .. You have my full appreciation
    ya Basha ~

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