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Friday, March 11, 2011


The news and images coming out of Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen and other countries in North Africa and the Middle East, remind us of all the LGBT people who suffer or have been the victims of violence at the hands of the state or society. We can't choose where we are born, or who we are destined to love. Nor can we forget the cruel and tragic images of youths being hung in Iran - a country where death remains a real threat for anyone accused or suspected of being gay.

Image Source: Ice Queer - LGBT people were among the crowds in Tahrir Square, Cairo

In the past weeks, many gay people have taken part in the mass protests across North Africa and the Middle East. Their heartfelt aspirations they have for their countries and for their own rights are deeply inspiring. We must hope that whatever "freedoms" are won will include and not exclude the rights of sexual and other minorities. Experience shows that while governments and regimes can sometimes fall overnight, it takes much longer for a society to lose its prejudices.



  1. Well, interesting.
    I'd witnessed a nice long conversation about girls who were sleeping on the ground in Ta7reer, and I was like: c'mon! all the gays and perverted minds must be there too, and y'all worrying about some teenage girls!
    I think people should know about catastrophes to forget their strict attitudes of small incident xD
    so be ready to be used as a coast defense by feminist movement lol. It's good to know you were among the crowds though, but I think LGBTs should wait.

  2. Gay and perverted minds?
    lol I don't really get ur comment (except for the last sentence) :D

  3. Yea some people think gays have a sick perverted minds, you should know =)
    I don't get my comment when I read it now either!

  4. lol I know that of course but thru ur comment I didn't know if u r with or against this opinion! =D

  5. Heh, well I guess I don't have a clear opinion about homo, people tend to be insanely aggressive and angry when it comes to LGBT, it bores me. I tried to talk about it in my blog but the imaginary interviewer I recalled didn't let me lol

  6. lol ok maybe I can tell u more, what do u wanna know to be able to have a clear opinion?

  7. oh! umm..Okay.
    Let's start with the dumb question: Can gays stop being gays? Im not a doctor like u, I don't know if there's a Biological thing or not.
    I can search the Internet of course,but Im too lazy and ur here :D

  8. Simple; Can heterosexuals stop being heterosexuals?


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