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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fuck me, I'm Famous & Uncensored!

Weeks ago I've received a phone call from one of my friends telling me that he bought "Cleo" magazine December issue because it had "Egypt SEX Bloggers, Homosexuals' online haven" big title on the cover so he joked around with his bf and told him that it will be so funny if he found my blog inside, and little did he know! I was there! he was shocked, called me directly and transmitted his shock to me!

I was so surprised when I heard the news, was excited but scared in the same time, told my bf, all my friends and readers about the great news via facebook and SMSs then it hit me! Am I going so far? Am I attracting wrong/un-necessary attention to my blog? Am I risking my anonymity? Is my freedom of speech jeopardized now?...then I said "FUCK IT"! I should enjoy my few minutes of fame, so I ran the next day to the nearest shop to buy the issue but to my surprise I was censored! The information bureau already noticed the issue and ordered the magazine to censor that report! But thankfully(and finally! :P) my friend scanned what was there for me, I guess the issue he bought was from the first edition:

Also, I'm going to go on TV but won't write about it now for security reasons(it's starting already! :P)


  1. entchi sharmotta tab3an we have to fuck you uncensored ;)

    ya albi mabrook kteer on this accomplishment & the coming ones, and i will dedicate to you this song


  2. Female Homo Blog loooool....little did they know!!!


  3. Very interesting indeed :)
    Congratulations, you're famous :D

  4. Congrats dear, keep up

    but hey, a FEMALE HOMO blogger!?

    well, they didn't miss much of the truth, heh ;)

  5. Q: haha thanks a lot =))

    L: lol I donno how they didn't notice "TESTOSTERONE"!

    Operon: thank u, appreciated! =)

    MSG: hehe bitch! =P

  6. Awww.. that is awesome, I would be surprised if there was a report with the keywords Egypt - Sex - Blog and Gay, and yours wasn't mentioned.

    Keep up the good work..x
    And stay safe!!

  7. How many people read CLEO ? No need to worry.
    It's not AL-AHRAM after all !!

  8. Ninja: haha thank u =D

    Anonymous: point taken =)

  9. I just saw you on TV :D!I liked the documentary I may write another detailed comment about my reflection after the program is finished ;)

  10. Thanks =) can't wait for the episode to be online!


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