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Friday, October 26, 2012

Play dead

Good morning dear Iyoden, how are we feeling today? Is it still all in your hands? Well, for starters you should stop finding it weird that you are talking with your reflection in the mirror, don't you think I know how bad you are with understanding and expressing your emotions? So maybe you'd like to let me be your mirror to the other world, together we will mimic it all....Now...whose mind shall I fuck with today....?

Iyoden, I am a creature of water, a petit vulcan, hot like Venus, a vessel-ing rainy union of fire and earth, airy is one of the things that I'm not...And in order for him to make a connection with another creature, he needs either passively or actively vessel it out/in. Some call it parasitic, others feel it a passionate infusion but most find it sadistic. But you see, Iyoden, this is how you were created. Your earthy upbringing dozed your emotional understanding like a snail that's protecting a precious tactile Diamant and your firefull distant metaphorsis completed your apathetic nature, making you this fearful fearless person that you are now. Perfect or not, that's not for me to decide, nein?

All what Iyoden needs is just a vessel, with one he can channel whatever moon mood he's in and mentally act out a déjà-interpretation. He consciously plays on their fears and insecurities and some manage to subconsciously play on his, but the key remains in how quick can you figure out what you see like; is it like an analysis that's flowing flawlessly? Or a simple surface but turbid?

But why wouldn't you be able to read and feel the dimensions of what's crossing your eyes? After all your hands are trained to feel the scarry knods beneath the skin and your job is to fix abomination or manipulate it. A mechanic of humans, am I?

To be continued, or not. Only Mirror knows...


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