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Saturday, October 11, 2008

The truce hurts!

Wednesday 1st of Oct, first day of the feast, haven't sleep yet, still stoned somehow as I smoked up with my hetero buddies after they finished Eid's prayers, in my uncle's car heading to my Aunt's villa at 6th of October city for a family lunch over the pool, extended my seat, doing my best to avoid the annoying sun rays, cursing my bad luck with shades, trying to have a small nap but something prevented that from happening, my uncle played "Kermalak(For you)" song of Elissa and it got me!

I remembered all what happened with Jovee last night/few hours ago, the kisses we stole all over Maadi, that dark street where we made out and how amazing it felt when lust took the car's direction wheel! Elissa's songs kept haunting me in our way to my aunt and even all our way to Agami! I was listening to some songs as if am listening to them for the first time, different from how I used to listen to them when I broke up with my ex.boyfriend and also different from how I heard them in the very first time! It was long enough distance to Agami to trap me inside my mind with all those thoughts and answerless questions!
Do we match? Were we only horny? Is he thinking about me likewise? Will he deal with the whole thing in a damn practical way like a typical Virgo? Shall I go down with my "No gambling with my emotions" ship and don't put my hands up and surrender? Is he Mr.right or Mr.right now? Yes, I'm still young but will my experiment with a 1 year older guy succeed as I always wondered? Won't it be great to date someone who is like me in million ways? Agnostic, smoker, alcoholic, issues-free somehow et plus he's already involved in my hetero gang and living near to me....that's it! I decided to stop thinking about it and get myself as busy as possible until I go back to Cairo and talk with him about it.

Saturday 4th of Oct, in my way back to Cairo, called him to check his plans for tonight, doing my best to be sweet with him unlike my bitchyness in the last phone call:
Me: Hey, what's up?
Him: Drunk and just came back from that wedding
Me: Am tipsy and just saw one of your silly friends in Sheikh Ali bar
Him: Sheikh Ali? Did you go to Alexandria?
Me: Oui, had late lunch here and met up with my alex friends
Him: OMG! from Agami to Sheikh Ali in Alex, are you that desperate? (laughing)
Me: Yes! am that desperate that I kissed you that night!
Him: You're such a bitch!!
Me: I'm joking, I enjoyed it wallahi!
Him: Yeah, I bet you did!
Me: Who's the bitch now?
Him: Am not! you wouldn't kiss more if you didn't enjoy it!
Me: Oh! What do you know about life? Maybe I was just horny!
Him: We didn't fuck, we KISSED!

....11pm, we were having our drinks in one of Cairo's oldest pubs, I was happy that I could finally be nice to "S", Jovee's friend whom ex cheated on me with him though S knew that we were in love! Few minutes later another friend of Jovee arrived, we moved to another table with better view, I enjoyed listening to their stories, I was drunk but still concious, I told S that I will drive Jovee back home in my way, we got into my car, I hit the road and he started the conversation:
Him: Nordine, btw I didn't kiss you because I was drunk
Me: I know, I was just teasing you when you said in the pub that you were too drunk when you found yourself making out with Mina in the bathroom in M's last party
Him: Anyway, I'm not ready for dating as I want to continue my studies abroad because I want to love my home asap specially after my mum knew about me as you know, so am looking for friends or fuck buddies right now!
Me: Okay, so where are we? we are not friends as I don't sleep with friends and we are not fuck buddies as fuck buddies are not friends and we can't date as you are not ready!
Him: Nordine, you are hot and I like you so much but it's just I don't wanna mess up things and hurt anyone
Me: You are sexy and you know that I like you too but stop being so practical! I want to do my masters abroad but that doesn't mean that I should stop my life for something am not sure about it yet after 2 years! Who knows? I would die tomorrow! Just make the most of now and enjoy your life!
Him: But I'll be sure about it when my step-dad comes back from Europe by the mid of this month
Me: You know that am not a big fan of labes, I'm enjoying my time with you and don't care for a definition for it!
Him: so you are say..i..n...(I had to kiss him to shut him up!)..g
Yes, I'm saying let's not define it until your step-dad arrives and you know what you are going to do with your life, so we are having a truce!

I won't rebound with Jovee, but I've to admit that the whole thing helped me in getting over Mr.B specially when I read that SMS from him last night 2 in the morning asking me where I'm! Sorry B, you are no longer appealing to me, not after I called and texted you few weeks ago and received null from you and now you are texting me after your penis woke up from the stocks crisis! DUH!


  1. Well I think age has nothing to do with it. And no, it might not be that great dating someone who's just you in everyway, ofcourse you have to be ''on the same level'' but he doesn't have to be that similar to you, you know? Because you'd still feel something is missing and all would turn to be too boring after a while.

    Undefined relations are the most complicated. Be careful not to get so carried away with your feelings. Enjoy your time. Don't hurt yourself and have things always under control.


  2. W howa shu eli jayebna wara gher Elissa's song :P???
    inta 3aref eni aktar wa7da btefham 3elaik fa 3a jad 7asa b eli bet2olo kaman ana shayfa en howa me3a2d l omour shewai kaman b ra2yi en te7awel ma3o mara tania en tegreh masalan:p makhafsh 3alik ya3ni:D
    bekhsos l part taba3 Mr.B 3n jad fehemt shu asdak mishan awel mabalsht my relation with R tadrijiyan balasht et3awad 3a eli sar m3a M

  3. Mr.Right Now.
    Enjoy it until it lasts.
    It will end. Everything does.
    Squeeze its juice, and enjoy the drunken lusts for no matter how long it comes.

  4. Gia:
    Thanks sweets for ur comment, I believe age has to do with it in some way, it's not about age literally but it's about a "phase" the high school phase, the college phase, the working phase...etc so I thought it would be interesting to date someone around my "phase"

    U r right about similarity, but thnx god we r not that similar =)

  5. My friend, and I am calling you friend because for some weird reason I can relate to most of your posts. I just wish I can explore more sides in you than your dating/sex life. and I am sure you have more things to offer.
    Everyone is unique in some way or another, so yeah, you are different in your own way and hopefully oneday I will get to have a real life conversation with you

  6. Dude: am very flattered and glad of ur nice words, I agree with u that I should talk more about stuff other than dating/sex life and I already posted 2 entries of this type(my 1st post and religious fetish) also if u concentrate in my dating/sex posts, u'll find me talking abt other stuffs between the lines =D

    Can't wait 2 have a real life conversation with u!

  7. yea like you noticing the hilarious conversations of the nurses. i love listening to these types of conversations as well..

  8. I think there's a very fine line between "not labeling" and being afraid to define things. I totally agree with Gia, undefined relationship are the most complicated because none of the parties know where they stand. I had this "friend" who insisted on staying just friends having sex (and not actually involve in a relationship despite the obvious infatuation of both sides) and when i decided to stop the sex part, felt extremely hurt because to him sex with me was more than just "sex".
    My advice is don't start something u r not fully aware of or ready for. Unfortunately, as Alfie learned the hard way, hedonism is a double-edged weapon.

  9. you're mature enough to not have to label things, but is he? what does he want out of this relationship? and most importantly, can he afford the dowry?!:S

  10. Duckling: read my new post =)

    Convict: apparently he can't afford it =P check my new post too


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