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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dating? Me dating?! [Part I]

Sunday, last feast's eve, having lunch in Sequoia with my Iranian date "Mehrzad", enjoying the nice weather, the good wine and the fabulous company who is 29 years old(I rarely remember people's age), very sexy, very successful person, has been living in London almost all his life, owns a football team, just launched a fashion magazine as he already works in fashion field, properties investor....
bottom line; he's a bright businessman!
He loved the place and Egypt in general, I felt so comfortable around him, he unintentionally fulfilled everything I'd needed back then-and still need them thu-, someone I could talk to without having any agenda on both sides(mine or his), someone who appreciates things that I do appreciate too even the most trivial and odd ones, simply someone who just wants to enjoy the moment wihtout thinking about any consequences or anything!

After lunch, I took him for a shopping tour in Beymen store, he liked it but we both hated the displayed items, old collections, ugly so simple designs and of course overrated prices, he told me that it's cheaper for me to let him buy stuff for me from London as he already buys the samples after the runway of any new designer's collection so that I'd be wearing the newest fashion, cheaper and 6 months earlier than anyone else lol! So I ended up not buying anything and went back home to get some sleep before meeting "Mimi" my Moroccan best friend who arrived from Dubai for few days in Egypt.
I slept for like 2 hours then called Mimi to see what she's up to, she told me that she'll be meeting her date now in some café in Heliopolis but definitely we've to meet up in the hotel after she finishes her date, I told her that's perfect as I'll have enough time to get into Mehrzad's bed!

10:30pm, he was inside me, the chemistry on bed was mind blowing, he possessed many things that turn me on, big cock with big balls, hairy chest, facial hair, very sexy armpits and in addition to the manlish attitude, so Yes! It was the best sex I had had since long time! Which lead me to cuddle him for long time after sex though I rarely do that with guys who are not that emotionally close to me and he again unintentionally said everything I wanted to hear between his arms, praising my looks, surprised that I'm not modelling yet thought I've what it's got to be a model, also said that I'm not aware of what I'm capable of or what I value..etc
I got dressed and he kept telling me that he really wants to date me, we can work it out, he can come to Cairo whenever I want, we would travel together but he said that he doesn't want to rush things up as he doesn't want to be pushy and freak the hell out of me, so I stamped a good-bye kiss on his edible lips hoping that he could make it back to Cairo by mid-year vacation(5th of January) and if that happened, I'll get to know him better and who knows?
Too much action for meeting a Pices or Iranian guy for the first time, no?

To be continued...


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