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Sunday, December 28, 2008

They love men but they just don't want to see them naked!

I've always been interested in having a Lesbian friend and getting closer to the whole lesbian scene of Egypt, so 4-5 years ago I'd created a profile on searching for a gay gal who wants to befriend with a gay guy, contacted the potentially interesting profiles among the very limited available profiles(either active or inactive) on the website which made me notice for beginnings that they don't have as much choices as we gay guys do, anyway I received a reply from 2 girls "Rachel" who became one of my best friends and another girl who is history now(I don't even remember her name).

Rachel is in her mid-twenties, Aries, cabin crew, very attractive, black hair & eyes and with sexy physique! We kept chatting for long time before we meet, she fulfilled my curiosity, I fulfilled hers then we started to get to know each others more, chitchatting about our previous relationship(s) and everything about life until one day we had met and became close friends though her interrupting work trips.
Rachel let me have a closer look over the scene, how limited their choices are! How many of them are way mean than any flamboyant queen of my world! How sex to them is so different and more meaningful! How their families can easily screw up any relation even though they donno about their loveable daughter's orientation, as most of females in our society have less space of freedom and their parents(usually the mother) should know every tiny details in their life, their friends...etc
She also taught me that many women can't say the word "Lesbian" even when their mouth is full of one! and that women who love women are lesbians. Men, because they can only think of women in sexual terms, define lesbian as sex between women!

Rachel suffered(and still suffering) a lot from one of her ex girlfriends, let me call her "Sayyeda", so Sayyeda is a mean bitch who never failed to screw up Rachel's life till now via many ways, being friend with Rachel's new friends and turning them on her, mysteriously contacting Rachel's new girlfriends and stealing them from her by acting the innocent victim and the cool liberal sexy chick in the same time!
Sayyeda so far stole "Dahya" the teenager who looks like Olive Oil of Popeye, "Mohga" the filthy International Squach coach, "ShaZZa" who is getting engaged soon and now Sayyeda is dating "Khamees", Rachel's latest ex who had been in a lot of family troubles, ran away from her home, stayed with her lover that Brazilian band vocalist who worships her, her family knew his place, her brothers beated the hell out of him, she got back home and all of a sudden her life is pinkish again and living happily ever after in Sayyeda's cunt!
I almost cried when Rachel showed me the Bvlgari rings and Nokia TV mobile phone which she wanted to give them to Khamees during the "hard" time away from her family, the weird thing is that almost the same dilemma happens with every girl Rachel dates after she falls for them, the family problems bla bla bla they disappear for a short period of time and then appear again but between Sayyeda's toxic arms!
They made my poor Rachel believe that she is cursed and curses everyone try to approach her, and not to mention how that affects her, her perception of her body image, her self-esteem...etc
NO my dear Rachel, you are perfectly healthy, fabulous, great looking and with BRAINS but it's not easy to find happiness in ourselves and it is not possible to find it elsewhere! I always advised you to stop giving Sayyeda chances and to get her utterly out of your system but in vain!

Anyway, that wise person who said that women are complicated, must either had many lesbian friends or studied gynaecology!


  1. wallahi lesb dol bashofehom aktar nas byet3azebo. 3indak masalan w inta 3aref my story et7aramt mn 7ob 7ayati w 3omry wl bint eli ana mo2tane3a tamaman eni ma7abet wala ha7eb 7ad gherha w en mafini koun sa3ida m3a gherha bas mafina nkoun ma3a ba3d mishan l mojtama3 wel 3eela w en khalas sar lazem tetzawaj :( fa 3an jad shi bye2her

  2. Everyone seems to be compliated whether it's a guy or a girl; as long as we're humans! *sigh*

    But what's with the names? Hilarious! :D

    PS. Like your new template, you could use some colors tho..?

  3. M: yeah, their life is more difficult =S

    Gia: but u girls gets hormonal crazy sometimes =P PMSing 4 example =P

    thank u! u liked the colour match i did? =D i changed all the colours of the template, i like it too =P cuzy keda

  4. Ah about the names, am getting this reaction a lot hehe well, they deserve mean names =P


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