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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Officially OUT!

First day of new year, 15h:
My mother and sister confronted me with chat logs, gifts of unknown sources and a lot of past incidences...
So I couldn't help but to come out to them! And I'll be visiting a shrink very soon =D LOL

Happy new year everyone
u know u love me

Latest update, 20:24:
-My father now knows too
-They r all acting normally and calm and my sis is being over sweet
-They booked me 1st therapy session on next monday with Dr.Rakhawi! Lol


  1. stop pretending to be gossip girl you know you love me!!!

  2. join the club. Welcome to hell
    Whatever it takes don't take medications. They will diagnose u with a fucking disorder or fuckin depression that led u to homosexuality
    Just go along with them till u gain their trust back.
    Good luck

  3. S.: whatever, it suits the post!

    Spectacular: exactly! And am so going to twist the whole therapy thing on them enno it's their errors in raising me!

  4. okay from out guy to his brother and having issues with his brother... he is accepting of it but not ok...

    dont play the who its their fault of raising you because you know as much as i do ,... its not.

    no one can raise you gay ... u just are. the best thing i believe that does take time and i am trying with my brother is just honesty... talking about it.. explaining your point of view...

    you will always then be faced with the religious question which so far me and my brother are stuck on... and well i dont want go on and disappoint him by saying...

    anyway just as long as you didnt go throw drama of being disowned etc... then you should consider yourself lucky ... that they love you enough they dont know how to help but they are trying.. maybe there methods are wrong...

    i truly believe we all need shrinks, going to shrinks does NOT mean you are depressed... and what you got to do from now is make sure that they understand one thing... that this is not a phase... that this is who you are ... that this who you are always going to be.... if you go to shrink you might go talk about childhood stuff, growing up with and just to help you get a better since of direction on life and how to lead a normal life being gay .. not our you know sharmata one where we out and about sleeping with men, where all we do is party and drink ... okay maybe i should be saying this to my self not being a uni student.. ur a uni student your suppose to party etc...

    what ever it is Ice, this is an opportunity like no other... do not try to go back in the closet. or give them hope that you will be one day straight... just make sure they understand that this is who you are and who you are comfortable with...

    tackle them one by one... start with your sister talk to her about boys etc .... mom... tell her how much you love her... etc etc... that your sister would be the only one to actually have babies... etc

    you know love me...

    That line was so me before gossip girl was even invented

    but it was



  5. They didnt act dramatic cuz they SO saw it coming(some incidences from the past)! They r in huge denial since 2 yrs or something, i wouldnt explain my point of view as they will never understand or feel what gay ppl feel and giving them "hope" is the least thing i could do infront of their love, i seriously owe that 2 them especially my dad

    i never said that u've 2 be depressed or disordered 2 go 2 a shrink and i never believed that am gay cuz of the way they raised me up, BUT i'll use it against them if they reacted in a way that would screw up my life!

  6. I honstly dnt think a parent can hate their child, they might get angry, fear for his fate on Judgement day, blame themselves thinking they must have done smthng wrong to deserve this on their kid but certainly nt hate.
    Its nt fair to ur family that u make them think its their fault or something they did raising u. If you believe that u r born like that, then be frank about ur opinions.
    Instead of thinking about tactics to win them over or wtever y nt take this as a chance to really knw urself may b wt u r accepting as the truth of ur situation isnt the truth after all. I think the therapy is a chance for u nt for ur family. As a family they are doing their share in supporting u although u might nt see it this way now.

  7. ^well, after my dad talked with me yesterday I would never use any tactics or whatever, i just had these thoughts before knowing the extent of their reaction but they really surprised me with their SWEET reaction lol it's scary

    about therapy, i already wanted 2 visit one even before what happened, just to talk about my life,thoughts...etc with someone who doesn't have any agenda =)

  8. What have I missed in here?!
    That must be intense!! But hey it was going to happen one day anyway. I think it must be really cool to have such understaning parents, your sister seems cute too.

    Let us know what happenes with the shrink. I am thinking to see one myself oneday ;)

    Good luck!! x

  9. ^They r being over sweet which is so nice but weird and scary...mesh 3aref!

    Hehe don't worry, the therapy sessions will be SOO blogged =D

  10. If someone is asking you not to take medications, then they KNOW you are not ok.

    If you, or any of your acquaintances think you are "normal", why afraid of taking medications ?

    That just doesnt make any sense.

  11. ^because there is no drug to cure homosexuality as it's not a disease 2 begin with!! Even the dr told my parents today that there is no drug to treat such a thing
    So if i shouldnt take anti-depressants or tranquilizers given 2 me by any stupid psychiatrist!

  12. I'm highly against medications, i've been on them for too long and i hated every minute of it, somehow i prefer to live with my "madness" and i am ready to die because of it rather than to be dulled out by medications, they slowly killed me inside. Some shrinks do prescribe drugs to cure homosexuality by the way, they kill your sex drive to ensure your abstinence.For a therapy to work though, you need a full collaboration between you and your doctor, so don't listen to opinions, pace yourself according to your feelings and needs,get all the information you need about what you both will do and how will it affect your life and make conscious choices. This day is all that is promised to you, live it right.
    Good luck.

  13. in the immortal words of my father when he met my boyfriend,,, "He's not the daughter-in-law I'd planned..."

    LOL take it easy, they'll come round ;)

  14. Anon.: thank u! Really appreciated!

    Convict: LOOL!



    if i introduce a boyfriend of mine to my brother... i wonder what he would say convict....

    i think already he wants to have a talk in two weeks from now when he is back from abroad about how he is disappointed in me,, drinking.. being gay... etc... however accepting of it... just disappointed... so all i know there is a talk coming up in 15 days!!!!

  16. I.Q.

    thats your new nick name its short for ice queer,

    hayyati i just linked your blog to mine ... do the same to yours... i also updated my style tell me what you think on my page


  17. S.: i already follow ur blog, so it's linked in blogger profile, will check ur blog tom and tell u

  18. OMG, you watch Gossip Girl? hehe

    That's cool.

  19. Hehe I watch it since forever! =D


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