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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The number you've dialled is not in service, ANYMORE!

When was the last time you starred at your mobile screen for moments that felt like hours just waiting or hoping to receive a call or even a message from someone? and you run like a slender deer when your mobile rings while you were not paying attention and you get melancholily disappointed when it wasn't him who was calling? How many times you read his messages and your replies over & over to see if you missed something he said or if you didn't pick on something of his words or to check if there is something you misinterpreted or to check if you said the wrong words in a bad sentence in a hideous timing? How many times you refreshed your e-mail & facebook inbox to check in a desperate hope if he sent anything or replied to your last message?...What pisses you off more, to call and he doesn't pick up or to call and find his mobile is switched off?
What if most of this happened to you with someone you haven't even met yet?!!

"Urban" is a guy I chatted with 2 years ago for a short time but we couldn't meet up before he suddenly disappeared. Then few weeks ago(out of the blue) a lousy "Urban has just signed in" notification popped up, I immediatly clicked on it and started talking to him, he vaguely remembered me, I mentioned some info about him and his mobile number, he was surprised by my elephant-like memory, so I told him that I rarely erase any contact and then he took my number again in order to meet that guy who came out of pandora's box before he(urban) travels back to N.Y by mid feb.
A week later I was bored and wanted to meet that sexy mystérieux(as far as I remember his pics when displayed them 2 years ago) who appeared to be a good catch for me; well-educated, decent, classy, Egyptian American, 30 years old(I never remember people's age), I guess he's a good catch for anyone! So I called him and there was no answer, I texted him but in vain too! I forgot about the whole matter for another week until I've met him online again last Friday and started talking back so I asked him why he haven't return my call/msg? He answered that he didn't get anything from me but he'll make it up by calling me Now! anonymous number was calling, I picked up, it was him(logically lol), I told him that this is not the number I had, he told me that he guessed I was calling a wrong number all that time! So I quickly remembered our last online conversation and told him that It's weired cuz when I'd typed your number you said that it's yours, then I continued saying that I know I sound dramatic & childish about the whole issue but I really hate games!
I quickly got over it after he kept flirting by his sexy voice, he was so into me and said jockingly that I must be a good kisser if I'm Scorpio, I told him that he'll have to inspect that by himself so he said let's meet now/tonight, I told him that he's a Leo cuz you sound like one! I then looked at the time and knew that I couldn't meet him tonight, he asked for the reason so I told im that it's kinda late and I'm so lazy to go all the distance from Maadi to Zamalek, he quickly said that he'll come to Maadi just to meet me for a while, I told him that I really can't make it tonight and that I've a curfew aswell! he then wondered why everything is difficult with me? and accused me of being a player! I told him that reverse-psychology never work with me and promised to meet him the next day.
I then continued my online session, showed him more pics and hooked-up for a sex date with a Palestinian hottie staying in an Intercontinental suite, so I thought of showing some "support" the next day to Gaza in my very own "way"!
While after going offline, I thought of calling Urban back, so I called him...No answer!,
texted him: "See? you don't pick up!"
he replied: "This time I'm not sure I want to."
Me: "Why?! I told you that I'd meet you if I can! Why wouldn't I ya3ni?! I'll call you tomorrow when I wake up anyway"

Next day(Saturday), I woke up around 5PM, didn't call him cuz my mom was pissed off at me for not praying(How boring and lame!), so I wasn't sure if I'll be able to meet him and didn't want to set a date and then take a rain check so then I'll sound a 100% player!
Anyway I've called him around 8PM, he didn't pick up, I thought maybe he's busy or sleeping or whatever(I hate it when I give excuses to ppl) so I left him a msg asking whether we will meet tonight or not, the I thought of passing some time by going to the barber shop, so I texted him again: "Am cutting my hair now 4 u lol" (I was going to cut it anyway so I thought to flirt about it as he already mentioned that he likes me with shorter hair), but he didn't reply to my msg. So I totally blocked thinking about him for the rest of the day and cursing myself inside!

1AM I was back home, called him and again no answer, so I texted him "What's wrong?"
him: "Nuthin's wrong."
Me: Well if nothing's wrong then you should pick up when I'll call you now!
I called him but again no answer, texted him "Ummm.....?!"

Next day(Sunday)
called him and was answered by the lady's recorded voice message: "The mobile you have called maybe switched off, plz try again LATER!", I called several times to check if he switched it on but in vain!

Next day(Monday)
called again, but the lady voice msg was: "The number you have dialled is not in service" @#*^%$^?!!!111!


  1. why are you all over a guy u never even met and just wanna meet for sex anyway? I know you must have your reasons but it feels a bit needy and creepy all the same!!!

  2. I understand you're seeing him as a ''catch'' but drop it ya3ni. Why are you into him that much if you haven't even met? He seems to be a player, wants to get things done his way, his time, plus he's not reciprocating...something is wrong about him.

    Hope your date went well anyways *wicked smile* :P

  3. Should I break the news and tell you that he is playing with you or you have already sensed it? Starting from his disappearance two years ago and then claiming that he vaguely remembered you and bieng suprised you still remember his no and all that bla bla bla.

    I would say that most of the infos he gave you about himself is not correct either.

    And by the way he only insisted once to meet you when he already felt that you wouldn't be able to make it. Corny trick.

    If you realize it but you are still keen to pursue it, fine, but if you have the illusion that there is some "miscommunication" somewhere then you just need a reality slap!


  4. Anony: i didnt want to meet him just 4 sex!!

    Gia & Suribal: i now knew he's a player and psychotic but i donno why I was so into meeting him! And that's why i got pissed off at the lady voice msg lol it was ironic!
    Btw that's the thing about Leos, they make u doubt urself!

  5. I enjoyed reading ur story, I guess ill call u whenever I need to make some1 change his number.
    Anyway, he sounds kind of familiar, does his name start with M.N.?
    save ur time and look for NORMAL guys
    loved ur story ;)

  6. LOOL! No, his name starts with A

    I guess i've something for psychotic guys lol

  7. you know this guy iz calling for some PUNISHMENT!!

    Give it to him as only a Scorpio knows how!!!

    Possibility 1 Arrange a date to meet him, miles away from Zamalek, catch him when he is feelin really horny, then as soon as he gets to the prescribed location totally blank him, don't answer his calls or anything,,,,, he asked 4 it and he deserves it babe

    Possibility 2 When you do finally meet him and he's naked tell him you were disappointed, he's not what you imagined and you're sooooo sorry but you gotta leave, NOW!

    Maybe he's just not as ""hot"" as he claims, and so he's afraid to meet you, he deserves whatever he gets!

    No one takes Ice Queer for a ride like that! xxxxxxx

  8. Awww...! Aren't u loveable =*
    hehe i loved the 2nd possibility, i'd tell him "honey ur dick is way smaller than what satisfies me!" lol

    btw check another "Urban" legend lol:

  9. Well I have to say that the whole dating/meeting people have not changed since the day I was somehow interested in it. Wow, i am so glad i am out of the whole playing with people's feelings era. But a piece of advice don't you think that since you were lazy enough to meet him you were not into him that much or the real reason was the carefew thing? Will even this or that I have to state the obvious this guy is a dick and you have to MOVE ON.. You deserve better ;)

  10. Hey Sarah, yeah it was the curfew thing
    actually the lady voice msgs is the reason behind this post lol and i couldnt explain or tell any friend abt that guy cuz it won't make sense so i had 2 blog it =D ya3ni the guy mesh fare2 ma3aya khales, howa bass the whole psychotic situation =)

    thank u 4 ur comment and 4 passing by!

  11. lol, you are funny, especially the supporting Gaza in your very own way :D

  12. seriously this time u wasted alot of yr time sometimes a mysterious man is fun but may be he is lost hesitant whatever even if he was a good catch i think u should have dumped him at the very begning
    we tanx

  13. Yeah I should have seen that coming from him =S


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