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Friday, January 9, 2009

Dating? Me dating? [Part II]

We are all searching for someone. That special person who will provide us what's missing in our lives. Someone who can offer companionship or assistance or security. And sometimes if we search very hard, we can find someone who provides us with all three. Yes, we are all searching for someone. And if we can't find them, we can only pray they find us.

I've never expected such finale to this series, coming out to my parents changed my life somehow, I was supposed to go to Charm Cheikh with Mehrzad on my my 2 weeks mid-year vacations but I had to excuse from him because I can't travel under the present circumstances, so I sent him a message informing him with my latest updates:
Me: Hey! My mother and sister confronted me with chat logs...etc so i came out to them, so i don't think i can travel to Charm with so sorry!
Him: ARE YOU OK? x
Me: I'm now! She is being understandable and sweet but I'm not sure if I can travel, I can't risk it you know
Him: The only reason i was going to come to Egypt was to meet you so if I cant see you I wont come. XX
Me: I'll keep u updated
Him: Thanks xxx

**Four days passed and nothing from his part.....!**

In those 4 days, I received tons of non-stop very sweet phone calls and messages from my friends everywhere around the globe! Even from the least I'd expected. So I got pissed off at the deafening silence between me and him! Not even a Facebook cheesy msg?!
January 4, Me: I got disappointed, I thought you'd ask more about me after that i came out 2 my parents! =(
Him: Don't be! I am from the same background as you.
You are very special to me but I also was happy to come and see you again so soon! I thought maybe you don't want me there! Xx
Me: Huh? What?!
*No reply*
January 7, after reading his FB status that he is getting ready for Paris & Milan fashion week: So you are not even coming to Cairo?!
Him: My dearest Nordine, I have just launched a fashion magazine as you know and have two important fashion weeks coming up to promote it and try and get advertisers. I really find you sexy hot lovable and charming and can't wait to be with you please believe me when I say this.
But business has become really hard and I have a lot of financial matters to sort out. If I can at all make it to cairo and see you I promise I will come. Xx x x x x x x x x x x
Me: I know that and totally respect it! It's just I didn't get what you said in your last msg, how would you think that I don't want you to come to cairo?!
Have fun in Paris and Milan =D I wish to experience that one day =*
Him: I thought maybe you need time with your family to sort things out
but I still tell you to tell your family you are str8 x
its a lot easier! xxx
Me: Hehe don't worry they are being so understandable and surprisingly sweet! Thnx god...and am giving them the "hope" that I'll be str8 by accepting to go through the psychiatrist therapy sessions, that's the least thing I could do infront of their love =)
Him: I am happy for you xx

So I guess this is it! He has a lot of things going on and am not sure if he can make it from London to Cairo just to see me for few hours on a week-end as my next vacations won't be before 3 months from now! I just want to be realistic but who knows?


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