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Friday, September 18, 2009

Your dick before we click! [Republished]

Scene I:
"Sunny" is a 34 years old Austrian marketing man who works for a respected multinational company and he's just moved to Egypt 6 weeks ago. I was the first guy he's met from the internet, pretty much like many foreigners who move to Egypt and get paranoid at first to meet any gay guy through the internet but thanks for the guestbook entry that made him send me a message, we've fucked twice before we go on a date(will get to that later on), in the first time I thought it will be another one night stand but the sex was good so I craved for more especially after I knew how kinky he'd get, we decided to fuck in the twinky garden of his villa in one of Cairo's gated compounds and it was such a great experiment(since I never did it in a garden before); blowing him after cornering me, getting rimmed while leaning on the back door's stairs, bowling me over the grass, salivary lubricating me, every grass aphrodisiac-ly tickling every nerve ending of my back and ass, moon light reflections on his facial expressions while doing me until I've seen fireworks in the sky within minutes!

For the first time of my life I felt that it would be very awkward to ask someone out after already sleeping with him twice, donno if it is the therapy effect/symptoms or the fact that I didn't want to jeopardize a good fuck by attaching some strings or the doubt that it might be just a sex haze and nothing more but I overcame all of these fears, asked him out and we went on a official date on the next day at Sangria where we had dinner then followed it with a fine bottle of rosé at Intercontinental where you can experiment a very different biospheres separated by just the glass window of the lobby. He knew how to comfort all my worries, how to constantly hold my interest, how to feel comfortable around him, he proved my point that relationship can come after sex and we kept talking for hours from politics to watersports!

Scene II:
In my way to Alexandria for the weekend with Sunny, travelling for the first time ever with a date, totally freaking out; is it too early to travel with him? What Am I doing? Will it be too much intimacy? Would I hate him when I try to resort to my privacy, space & solitary? Will I be that into cuddling him?
Surprisingly he really knew how to well handle me and my anxiety, he was so smooth, lively and knew how to enjoy me and how to make me feel fully naked around him!

But still, I couldn't stop over thinking and over analyzing; Is it too early to introduce him to my close Alexandrian friends? Is he freaking out? Is getting that close that early, will be repulsive? Are we getting closer? Will I be able to commit again after 3 years of absolutely no commitment? Monogamy, one day?
I tried to do like him and just go with the flow, and Pisces are the best at going with flow and not to think much; problems will solve themselves by themselves/time, disconnecting whenever anything seems noisy or aching...tried to do many things that are not that much of my nature/Scorpio's nature and I felt better, maybe what I did was somehow "balancing"!

Scene III:
Back to Cairo, my space, my liberty, my bed and my men! Freaking out again, feeling that I'm losing control, worried to let go, my brain is getting claustrophobic inside my skull due to the overload of thinking, my soul is getting merinthophobic and my heart is getting neophobic!
I ran into my contacts list and decided to get laid! The first guy is the of one of my fuck buddies, very classy and well educated, living in one of those very adult apartments that made me feel like I was about 16 visiting the home of a friend whose parents thought I was a bad influence, we kept talking in none sense, until sex was brought up and he told me that I'm a nice guy and everything but he didn't feel any sexual chemistry! I felt like I was the jerk du soleil! I've never got sexually rejected right in front of my face before, especially from a guy who is less good looking than me! I quickly left his apartment and called the other guy who has been chatting with me for over a year, begging me to meet him and I knew that he'll be a real shot in the arm for my sexual self-esteem!
He is 41 years old, professor at the AUC, recently divorced and with two kids, great dick and fit body. We had a quickie apparently in his kids room(I figured that out after climaxing!), there was a cross above the bed's headboard, two mirrors capturing me while having sex, got shocked when I knew that I lifted my ass with a pillow that had "Love you Dad!" with a real picture of his kids on it. There wasn't the slightest string attachment, I felt like shit while taking a shower afterward, felt as if the water served as retro-baptism for every cheap touch the prof touched me, I was blinded by my Ego and fears!
I quickly got into my clothes, left my crime scene and ironically laughed at the thought of the AUC offering me a scholarship for sleeping with a third professor!

However, I thought I'll feel okay to sleep with another guys as I'm not exclusive to Sunny yet, but surprisingly I didn't PERIOD!


  1. Post went offline for few days for some private reasons, but now it's back & untouched, Enjoy! =)

  2. lol i gotta give it to you some of the shit you write is really funny and clever. retro-baptism. loves it.

  3. Darling enti motakhaleffa walahi ... mesh 3agbek dah wala 3agbek kidda ... single teshtiki, mosahaba tekhrebiha

    la2 ya marra ekbari shawia

  4. Redbull ma3o 7a2 khalas ehmad shewai w msh dah eli kan badak ye7sal men zaman fa khalas kefaya moghamarat ba2aaa.
    3aiza ashofik f beet 3adalik lol

  5. M:
    Haha Sagi are beautiful, aren't they? =P

    LMAO! That was hilarious, thanks! =D

    lol @ beet 3adalik, hopefully soon isa!

  6. So here are my thoughts about your post
    -Last post got me over my homophobia,but now i think that everyone's Gay!
    -anyway you are 20-ish why are you sleeping with a 40 y/o?!
    -I'm not judging here,but couldnt you atleast not have sex during Ramadan!
    -and i dont understand the last part,you Slept With Three Professors at The AUC?!
    -There are 3 Gay professors at AUC *still not judgin,just wondering*:D

  7. -lol sometimes I believe that everyone is gay until proven the opposite =D
    -I don't care about age that much, it's about chemistry
    -Well, we've different religious views so for me I don't really care about Ramadan and fasting..etc
    -Yeah this is the third AUC professor to sleep with lol I didn't sleep with the 3 of them in one time akeed =P
    -Haha keep wondering, they might be more than 3 anyway =D

  8. dude what can i say, you are just not comfortable in your own skin, 'oh god i don't deserve to be happy, oh will i be able to commit, oh will wtf...etc' is an old stereotype mind game, if you are as mature as you are claiming you should focus on the real prize.

  9. Well, This is my first "serious" relationship in 3'll take me sometime to adapt =)

    Thanks for ur comment

  10. That's really cool that you found someone you could be more relaxed or balanced around.. I hope it all goes well.

    Also, why did the other guy choose his kids bedroom? what a wierd choose of rooms.. I hope he atleast changes the sheets.. :D


  11. Thank u dear =)

    lol I guess I should ask him that question too =D

  12. For some, sex is the appetizer, for others it's just the entire meal, and for the rest of us it's the dessert.

    In your case it was the appetizer, now that you're moving on to the main course (dating), it seems you are learning not to spoil your dinner by taking chocolate from an AUC professor, or anyone else.

    Enjoy every course of your meal with this guy, and who knows ? You might keep *coming* for seconds.

    I'm hungry now.

  13. so you're going monogamous then... Huh? :D

    way to go... I really laughed my ass off during the AUC professor scene :D

  14. Bata, don't freak me out with such huge words and labels =O lol

    Thank you for ur comment =D

  15. I am here again..

    Damn I still don have nothing to say.


  16. Yeah sure the AUC professor doing you in his kids room is funny for the bunch of idiots encouraging you and applauding you, hope you are all in the same company in the end. Now, just wondering, for the father, I sure wish he doesnt have a boy. And I dnt knw why since you mentioned the cross on the wall, I remembered the other horrible post about that priest that you didnt even care to think if hes abusing the boys in his church. Im sure u can feel how u are sinking from one low to the other & that your stories prove that what ties homos is usually nothing more than sex.

    I bet you are not going to Intercon hotel any time soon, at least not with the whole fuss in the news about who was caught there. Also, I am wondering how do u feel when u hear someone like Khaled the actor coming out and lying about what almost every body knows?

  17. I did see that coming! what took you so long? =P Over and over the lame stereotype of seeing homosexuals as pedophiles, is it some kind of psychological projection from ur side? I wonder!
    I actually well emphasized that I didn't notice all of that before ejaculating and I guess saying that "I felt like shit while taking a shower afterward, felt as if the water served as retro-baptism for every cheap touch the prof touched me, I was blinded by my Ego and fears!" is enough for you to know that I didn't enjoy the sex or proud of it!

    About Khaled, I feel bad cuz I already "know" him but sometimes I give him an excuse because if u think about it, I get many against-me comments on my blog thu no body really know me and in a virtual so can u imagine what would happen to a celeb like Khaled if he came out?

  18. Loved the first scene..

    You write with passion .. bless you.

    Moe Oz'

  19. Loved the first scene..

    You write with passion .. bless you.

    Moe Oz'


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