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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A post to remember

The following post was published July 2008 on "Awkward Sex in the City" blog:
She is not me!

I have had endless discussions with Bad G about Madonna's latest album, 'Hard Candy', I was debating the artistic merit of the work, and G was arguing how the album is the perfect answer to Madonna's Catch 55, (she is turning 50 and its a whole new world if you have the unfortunate condition of being a "woman in the arts" and hitting 50).
He said that she managed to push the envelope one more time (to me, its one last time!) and raise a few eye brows along the way. He even supplied the invaluable information that Madonna commissioned the photographer who worked with her on her Sex book to do the cover of Hard Candy.
(for further information you will have to personally contact Bad G)
And then I listened to the album, and the banal performance, overstated lyrics, trashy-eighties arrangement, made sense.
It was a very strong statement, for a woman who has been doing this for over two decades.
In the album Madonna tackles a wide array of themes that all happen in the "store", a metaphoric space for a club, bar, home, not-home, life. Whatever you make of it.
And in the club, some skinny, tall bitch might try to steal your guy, steal your spot, steal your thunder, this is when you say bring it on! And lets see who can run the show! So for Madonna, this bitch is not "her".
No matter how young, tall, or sexy her legs might be.
I believe the same analogy applies here.
The blogging world is not the same as Pop world, the space here is more temporal, less tangible, and not so much fraught with the same consumerism. Its more impersonal and yet there is more visibility or a certain, surreal level of connectivity but if some trashy, nineteen year-old thinks she can blog then she is wrong!
Two years blogging is like two decades making music. I am not Madonna, but I have been around long enough here not to be compared with a nineteen year-old with an attitude!
Bitch, if you want to blog bring it on! And I will show you what blogging is!
hackneyed phrasing, cheesy graphics and Facebook advertising, what is this!
The bitch had the nerve to tell me that her style is more "accessible", yes of course if you are mentally retarded!
When your blog gets rated as the voice of sexuality in Cairo, come talk to me bitch!
Posted by E at 4:41 AM

I'm really glad I'm not you!


  1. E, wa men a3malakom ma solotta 3alaykom!

  2. This is definitely a post to remember, I mean, every diva in the gay world remembers every bitch who happened to hit her head on the pavement & decide to stand up to the grand diva .. BRING IT OUT BIATCH.. Loved the analogy

    Great post, it is sad I didn't catch it en temporum.

  3. Addendum: It's quite I am an own-domain-wordpress guy , I wanted to add myself to your followers *Sob*

  4. Anonymous:
    lol touché

    Thank you for your comment =)

    I didn't get ur last comment lol you have to be a "blogger" to follow my blog?

  5. Hmm then you can RSS-yourself! or try google reader =)
    I like the spirit! =D

  6. though you're both vicious and quite childish to me, but to be honest Kiki Jr. you can never compare to E's blogging abilities..

  7. Ouch!

    That is such a Scorpio thing to do....

    I had a very long day and YOU really made me smile at the end of it....

  8. Anonymous:
    I'm afraid it is not about blogging or blogging abilities at all, this post was posted by E after I just created my blog =)
    you wouldn't understand what I mean by my post, you'll have to read and interpret beyond the post.


    I'm glad I did! =)

  9. Oh no, I quite understand the context very well dear Kiki. I read it once it was blogged.

    Same anon as above!

  10. Okay if you have been around then you must have understood the point behind my post and wouldn't have posted such a comment ;)

    And If we are going to compare blogs(which is totally not the point behind my post) so let's speak by numbers; My blog in one year had 21 followers, +600 comments, +14000 page visits and much more popularity than E's blog which has been 2 years around with lesser numbers than mine =)

  11. *whispers* so is E the author of "Awkward Sex in the City" the same E who you mentioned in the Sin-Me-Sunni post Scene3 ?

  12. No, he is a former friend of mine whom I used to write about him under "Ezzie" nickname.


    I laughed my head off!
    Aren't you the typical little bitchy 20 year old?

  14. You definitely belong to a different social circle than mine! But I love the insight you provide to yours :)

  15. Well, I'm sure ur circle is much wider than mine =)

    Thanks 4 ur sweet comment

  16. lol are we going to turn this into a chat session like S&H's? =P

  17. hahahaha just playin wit u :P


  18. ice queer i like your style! and some women...i simply dont get "steal your thunder" wtf?

  19. What you didn't get about that? =D

    Thank you for ur comment

  20. meh it sounded like a chick fight!

  21. Haha I'm not the one who wrote it =P


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