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Sunday, November 8, 2009

YES, I went legal!

Yes, I'm that famous, popular and loved that I don't need to blog about my life but let others do the job for me! =P
My very dear friend E(aka Ezzie) blogged about my birthday party on his blog:
She's Legal, her Party Wasn't!
So as everyone was recovering from the last party, which was too fabulous for me to even blog it, Kiki Jr. decided that the moment has come to give a ball, the highlight of her, ahem, stellar career in the gay society, and that everyone queen would envy and that would be the talk of the scene for days to come (which is the utmost any queen can hope for considering the attention span of queens in general).

To push things to the extreme, and be all controversial as ever, Kiki Jr. decided that her 21st birthday bash would be a themed party, a costume party that is.

Fearing that all the queens would mistake costume for drag, she stressed that each queen she should keep her wig in her bag and think 'outside the box'.

For a whole week every queen in town was thinking, 'what should I wear for Kiki Jr's party?'

Me and Kiki Sr. were no exception.

For days at a time Kiki Sr. talked of nothing else but 'what costume should I wear?'

And while I thought the prospect of wearing a costume is exciting, I knew it would be near impossible to have a nicely done costume in Cairo.

It would not go without notice and all kinds of wrong attention.

So I opted for 'soft drag'.

Meaning, heavy eye make up, lipstick, nail polish, no wig and a trashy outfit.

And after much useless resistance, Kiki Sr. followed suit.

So clad in my gorgeous Pashmina scarf (trying to cover up my indecent outfit), I was making my way to this fictitious suburb east of Cairo.

Sans make up we made our way to the residence of Kiki Jr. and her beau.

Fashionably early, we were both horrified and amazed at Kiki Jr. costume (photos available to select audience on Facebook) it was a leather top with a star situated mid chest, and hot leather shorts with straps on both sides, leaving nothing to the imagination......READ MORE >>>

So now(technically last 26th of October) I'm 21 years old and no longer a twink! *wink wink*


  1. HaPPy Birthday.... but u r no longer what ? :P

  2. hehe no longer "legal" =P
    Thank u =))

  3. My birthday is on the 25th!! and yours on the 26th!! *shock face* What does that mean?!?! :p


  4. lol.. umm, that wasn't supposed to backfire :). You know what it means, but I'll spell it out for you.. it means, ONE BIG HIGH FIVE COMING YOUR WAY 25th-26th OF OCTOBER BUDDY :D

  5. Hahaha, how did u celebrate btw?

  6. Just a little gathering with a few drinks.. I was actually looking forward to planning a (birthday with a haloween take) party, but i'm way too busy atm for a personal life hehe.

  7. 21 ?!

    It's all downhill from here, remember to moisturize daily with embalming fluid every day from now on.

    Happy Birthday ^_^


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