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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Too much information!

Okay, S knew how to take some answers out of me in an interview which he just posted on his blog!
Check it out and tell me what do you think =)


  1. great interview and surprisingly deep.

    I think that iq has a deeper understanding of the class structure in Egypt lol This town is just full of wannabes who always go back to "in the Nasser era..." and "before the revolution..." like get a life people, this is 2009.

    But I liked Q's questions, and u made some relevant points about growing up and shared experiences. Can't believe its been almost a year since IQ's 1st blog, and Im' still an avid reader!!

  2. Thank you dear for ur sweet comment =) and glad that u liked the interview!

    Haha me too, I can't believe that almost one year has passed!

  3. ohhh the comments are suppose to be left on my blog.. not IQs but whatever !! i am just a "celeb wannabe, social climbing whore"

    IQ you should have a 1 year celeberation or sort of a birthday for the blog.. .call it the BLOG party.. dress code = nerds

  4. haha sounds like a plan! I'll give it a thought =)


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