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Friday, August 15, 2008

Oops I got mugged again!

It's so depressing, I got sprayed by self-defense, mugged, everything is gone AGAIN! The 2 months old laptop, the 2 days old 8MP camera in addition to my wallet!
I lost 2 laptops and 2 cameras in less than 6 months!
It seems that I financially & emotionally attract muggers as my "Spectacular" friend said!

Another empty HP box, another empty camera box! Anyone up to garage sale?

So I don't know if I'll be able to write again or not!


  1. Where does all this happen and how?
    Pity for the stuff...

  2. Sorry about your loss mate, whenever you lose a material thing just think of the alternatives that you could have lost, losing a laptop and a camera is depserate, but losing someone is a again, sorry!!
    Thats just a mere attempt to make you think positively..

  3. Anony.: In Thaker Hussain main road, Nasr city
    I was driving a friend home, parked in front of his building, my & his window were open so 2 muggers sprayed pepper self-defense on us and the rest is history!

    Cairodude: it's just i got mugged 3 months ago and it was a laptop and camera too! =(( and I hate "Fedak" and "Bokra tegeeb gheiro" crap!
    I think I've bad karma!

  4. Testahel besara7a : )

    Perhaps this is a message from God ?

  5. a so sorry to hear that buddy u need body guards looool ill hire u some :P


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