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Monday, August 4, 2008

The worst hangover ever: The Bonus sex!

A week ago, I was invited to that party of a foreigner friend of mine(who was apparently upset that I left early as he was longing for a "three action" after party with his boyfriend!) at Zamalek, I passed by my "faithful" friend at Maadi to pick him up as I wanted to entertain him a bit till his boyfriend comes back from his vacation, we were fashionably late, I greeted the host and introduced my friend then I greeted my other friends who were there already, I called my Jordanian LEO friend to invite him over if he wasn't off to Agamy yet, I made myself a Smirnoff Vodka drink, mingled, socialized, gossiped about who is here and who is there, noticed some familiar faces, tried to remember some, one my "Spectacular" friend used to date, another one my Gulfy buddy used to have feelings for one day!

I thought of spicing up the party with some action-I didn't know that the night still reserving me a big action in the end-instead of watching those regular party faces, I called my Gulfy buddy and invited him over to enjoy the good "drinks" & "music", he arrived, I was getting too emotional so I knew I was so drunk, I let him see how his ex. looks like now, whom he's with and how he quickly denied to people at the party that they were boyfriends one fugly day!
My buddy left shortly after he had accomplished his/my mission, I kept making more drinks for my LEO friend which I regretted doing in the next day as I knew that he made out with almost everyone there, my dear bisexual Moroccan friend called me and kept complaining to me from her ex's lunatic/psychotic fishy actions, I felt sorry for her and gave her some piece of advice, I had one more drink and landed peacefully at Lala Land.
I received one new SMS, it was Mr.B, images from the previous weekend kept coming and going, I remembered that I answered his call on that day and planned to do something on the next weekend, so I shortly realized what was the message for, It was almost 2AM, I texted him back that I'm drunk and partying in Zamalek, he invited me over, I was too drunk/emotional to resist the temptations of the Bonus sex so I texted him back that I will come if we will kiss and that he should call me every while to check up on me on my to Nasr City, I excused from my friends, I felt sorry for my friend whom I came with as I was supposed to drop him back to Maadi which made me wonder for a second if it’s worth it, anyway I was too drunk to function/think!

15 minutes later, I was waiting for him to open the door, there he was, still sexy but with 20 pounds less! Don't Know if it was the prolonged muscles disuse or if he is back to coke or whatever! I couldn't really care less!
We did the quick lame "catch-up" thing, I smoked two puffs from the joint, we jumped into bed, it was as easy as a pink bicycle with rainbow colored tassels hanging from the handle grips, once you knew how to ride it, you will never forget how to ride it again and again!

I woke up the next day having the worst hang-over ever! I tried to remember what happened last night, a slide show kept haunting me, How I was that emotional with him on bed?! How resting my head on his hairy chest was my dream apartment?! How we kept cuddling like 2 boyfriends and none of us discussed anything of the emotional electric flow/drama?! How I almost cried and hid my tears when I hardly tamed my tongue from spitting "I love you" and buried it inside his mouth instead?!
How my dignity let me approve to have bonus sex with him even though I knew that he will not contact me the next day?!

I lied to myself and convinced it that am just longing for a last time sex with him and that it is going to be only sex, what the fuck was I thinking?!


  1. I love the words
    This one of the best. Especially when u burried the words inside him, Thank god u burried it there, and hope its just gone there!

  2. Fuck emotions.
    Seriously, fuck it.

  3. this is by far the most disgusting, yet disturbing thing I've read on the internet recently.

  4. it was just bloody sex stop being woman


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