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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Social class gap: Double dating!

"Love conquers all...
Every cloud has a silver lining...
Faith could move mountains...
Love will always find a way to you...
Everything happens for a reason...
Where there is life, there is hope...
Bla bla bla...

They gotta tell u something, no?!"
Almost 2 weeks passed since I last saw or heard from Mr.B, I decided that the fuss/drama has to end so I literally blocked and deleted him from my life, Sometimes I do like Bree Van De Cap of desperate housewives show when it comes to emotions so Whenever I feel my emotions getting the best of me, I simply picture an empty box and I take whatever am feeling and put that in the box and then i picture myself putting the box away in a big empty closet and closing the door then if I've time, I go back and open the box and deal with the emotion in private like a gentleman(Bree said like a Lady though).
I couldn't help but believe that some people come to our lives and destined to leave it no matter how strong we holded on them in a vain desperate hope to postpone their departure time!
People are like dogs. Tame them, they'll obey. Bite them, they'll bite back. But have your gun ready when one day, the dog will go wrong! so I decided to live again for myself and vigorously run after anything that would triggers the activity of my serotonin!

I had 2 sex dates yesterday on my agenda, I don't usually like to double date but I was tempted enough specially that I wanted to be as less emotional as I can but also another reason made me go for the double dating thing yesterday as both of them were extremely different! It was like eating Egyptian salty spicy pickles after having a "Layali Lebnan" dessert(Speaking of that dessert, I really miss u G)!

The first guy was 27 years old Lebanese hunk/bear, very hottylicous and Spanish looking assistant director! I know him for a period of time but I couldn't put my hands on him when he was in Cairo the previous time so I decided to tie him to bed this time, I took my shower, put my optical contacts on, shaved my promising little beard, scrubbed my face, buttered my body, got dressed, balmed my lips, switched on my car engine, played Samira Saïd's new album(my recent addiction), danced while driving, couldn't care less for the people who are giving me the usual looks, the AC was on and the car was locked.
20 minutes later I was emptying my pockets to pass through Semiramis InterContinental's electronic gate, checked out the hotty golfies in my way from the Lobby to elevators, was knocking the room's door exactly on time as usual(I hate people who don't respect time), there he was, shorter than me, hair sneaking sexily from the edges of his tank top craving to be grabbed roughly, sat on the comfy bed, ran the usual conversation, he came closer, I always enjoy those cute moments before the first kiss when we both run out of things to say, so we kissed, I threw the strawberry gum out of my mouth, unleashed my long tongue(and no darling, not in the lesbian way you are picturing =P) and the rest is history, the bed was in a big mess after we finished though we had vanilla fun, took a shower, dried up, lit my beloved after sex cigarettes, was relieved when I knew that he smokes too(seriously, what's with the smoking-phobia lately? )and since he works in media, I couldn't resist to soak the juicy gossips out of him and sharing some too as I never run out of celebrities gossips(sharing is caring, you know), then the horoscopes conversation replaced the gossips, he laughed when he knew that I could smell LEOs 10 miles away, he believes that all people love Scorpios!.....few minutes later I was back to my car and heading to "Madinet el salam" !

The second guy was 25 years old Egyptian guy, low-middle class, living in Nasr city, his "sweet house" was in that remote, ugly, low class and vulgar area near Heliopolis that I've never been to before so I was pretty excited to explore it, I waited him in front of the famous Microbuses station there, I was in my car smoking a cigarette with the AC on as I couldn't stand the weird smell outside, people everywhere around me are running to catch any bus, lots of microbuses pull over to discarry packs of people and loads new packs, I decided to ignore the looks am receiving and the vibes am sending by making some calls to pass the hateful little waiting time.
Few seconds later someone was knocking on the door's glass, it was him, I unlocked the car and headed to El Salam city.

It was a whole new world to me, narrow streets, sewage effluent everywhere and covered by dozens of people, didn't notice any unveiled girl so far, strauss and glittered clothes everywhere, tight jeans accompanied by thick black leather belts with big buckles, I arrived at the place after many left and right turns, I felt I was like Menna Chalaby in "Ouija" cheesy movie when she was dating a low class hottie and had to wear Niqāb whenever she wanted to go to his apartment but in my case, I had to take off my cross necklace as I know it will take him a light-year to understand that it is not a big deal if a so called Muslim guy wears a cross for fashionable and memorial reasons!
5 floors of falling down probabilities and we were finally in the apartment, it relftected exactly what I've visioned in my mind, the pigeons in a classic wooden cage in the balcony, Saa'd Soghayar's music-if you classify it as music-far away in the background but you can still hear it, uncompleted paint of some walls, some windows were covered by small curtains instead a proper window frame, all of that was sexy somehow in the end!
I sat beside him on the sofa, he was one of those very sexy low-middle class guys whom you crave every now and then, very well-built, average face, shorter than me by few centimeters, so masculine and worth raising your legs for! We made out on the sofa then we moved to the bedroom, took off all our clothes except for the briefs, we kept making out for long time, then it was time to explore his love making prick, I was shocked, it was average to small sized though he told me before we meet that it's large! OMG How I didn't expect that he will be typical Egyptian low-middle class guy about this thing too?! Now I knew why he has such a great body and gives a mind blowing sex! He was counterbalancing/rebounding!! and surprisingly he had his condom and KY gel ready for action, I always bring condoms to the wrong places! I thought that the Lebanese guy will have condoms for sure but he didn't and that's why we didn't go all the way meanwhile I thought the Egyptian guy won't have any so I bought some before I meet him....Arghh! I hate when this happens! It reminded me of that French charicateur where the Guarding angel said "Eh merde!" when a guy made an accident while the angel was asleep! =D


  1. Resemblance freaking me: the cross and muslim? the bouncing between levels? the same guy we both fucked?


  2. can never know! It's such a small world after all, specially our world! =))

  3. I definitely understand the lower-middle class attraction. There's something about a grimy place in a god forsaken area that's an instant aphrodisiac haha.

  4. ya3

    *Vomits on her keyboard*

  5. Well break out the Clorox, miss dizzy you have work to do.

  6. (and no darling, not in the lesbian way you are picturing =P) a7eb a3raf l men bezabt hal jomla:p la eli wala shu?? :p

  7. classy and unclassy .. define the word classy please ??!!

  8. Well, class whispers, it comes out of decency too.
    Unclassy r the nouveau-riche and low class ppl(no offence)

    but anyway "classy" families that r from noble origins since ages r very rare in Egypt, the majority of gay guys' families r bourgeoises(including mine)


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