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Monday, August 18, 2008

Pansexuality should be the Future's label!

Gay, bisexual, straight, Bi-curious, gay in denial, straight acting & looking(yeah RIGHT!), top/positive, bottom/negative, both/versatile, both more top, both more bottom, master, slave, dog....too much labels, no?
I couldn't help but wonder what did we benefit from all these labels?!....more & more confusion, I believe!

I don't know why gay people care so much about sexual labels more than non-gay people?! Why fun should be defined in one or two terms? It really triggers my nerves when someone asks me about my role! If you are top then fine, I'll be pure bottom for you and vice versa! It is not a big deal! Life is too short to fill it up with confusion/illusion well cooked by your own fucked-up brain to curse yourself and people around you! You should enjoy every microsecond of your life to the fullest as you can never know what tomorrow is hiding for you! You could get your soul mugged out of you!

I believe that the person who came up with the "pansexuality" term had such a huge zest for life, like the zest of Santa Clause on Prozac getting laid in Disney land!

Pansexuality should be the future's label so that there won't be more fuss, confusion, issues, guiltiness, regret and the list continues! Don't you agree that we will live happily ever after if everyone cared less about those bureaucratic labels?!


  1. We would live happily if less people like you live with us

  2. ya a7'i kosom el feel 3al darpheel

    dont you find it a little weird that only gay people create blogs and talk about their sexual habbits? if all sexual "labels" were equalliy regarded then why would you have to curse everyone who opposes your rotten thoughts?

    dont you find it funny that opposed to what you gays do - straight guys are more like "shy" when it comes to their sexual habbits? unlike you guys, you dont have a problem to express your (disgusting) sexual habbits.

    dont you find it funny that it's always straight guys cursing gays ONLY if gays started to express their weird terms and ideals in public? and not the other way around?

    i tell you why it's funny. it's funny because it's against the human nature - if we are not to talk about religion, just the human nature. it's like criminals trying to pledge innocent because they know they're wrong and admitting that they're wrong will only cause things to go worse and worse.

    i'm sure people who practice incest also have their own terms and their own ideals. heck, i'm sure pedophiles also do. that's how i and everyone else pretty much classifies you guys - among incest and pedophiles and even zoophiliacs.

    no matter what you do, no matter how many posts you write, how many gay friends you make, no matter how happy and "thrilled" you'd be after a top/bottom/positive/negative crap night - you know you're wrong.

    and until then - go fuck yourself - you know it'd do you good.

  3. Exactly salma, and everybody would have free strawberry ice cream, and world peace, and the president would deliver cookies to our doorstep, which also happens to be made of bonbons with caramel centers.

  4. I think we already established that the argument of taxonomy of sexual pathologies is outdated. By at least a hundred years. So while some people here might think they are keeping up, they are using a Western moral discourse, that even the Wes abondened.
    How original is that?
    Can't you come up with your own "terms" or definitions? Why use scientific Latin to speak about "our morality"?
    Assuming we are a Muslim, Middle Eastern, Arabic society?
    And you know whats funny?
    Discussing desire is not new to this society.
    You know what I would like to see?
    If one person, one person who writes one of these bigoted comments was educated at all.
    But alas! Everyone who reads this blog, and wants to stand for the moral, upright nature of this society is grossly misinformed.
    Read your own history darling, then come discuss desire and sexuality.
    Instead of borrowing hackneyed, overused, obsolete moral discourses.
    Which is I think is hysterically funny!
    Now, how about you go fuck yourself, which I don't think you know how, because you are, surprise surprise, shy!

  5. Give the comment above an award. It's like they forgot the sex-mad poets we had in the Middle Ages... When it was shameful to show an ankle in the west.

  6. For the new global vision on Pansexuality see: or go to World's greatest site on Human Sexology , click on LINKS and then on SEXUAL ORIENTATION.
    Thank you.

  7. Thank u so much, very interesting sites indeed!


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