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Monday, April 13, 2009

One straight diet & a family combo plz!

-Good Afternoon sir, thank you for calling pseudo-hetero restaurants, How can I help you today?
*Hmm..I donno, I'm confused what to order.
-Would you like to have something cold & vicious or something warm & happily ever after?
*I've been ordering the cold & vicious mealls from pseudo-homo, your sister restaurant, for the past years so I guess I'm done with it and will take the warm & happily ever after meal for change!
-Perfect choice sir, let me revise the order with you plz.
-You've ordered one straight diet and one family combo.
-Do you want some extra children with the order?
*No, thanks.
-Okay sir, that will cost you all your gay friends, your gay life and identity.
*Okay, no problems.
-30 minutes and your illusion, ehem sorry your order will be delivered, thank you for calling pseudo-hetero restaurants and waiting for your next call.
*Welcome, bye.
I've nothing to say after what I've heard last night! I never saw it coming! I'd have believed it if they told me that my sister became lesbian but would never believe it if they told me that my LEO Jordanian friend became straight!!!1!

Few days after not answering my calls or SMSs, he switched his mobile off! but oh, to be fair, he picked up one time & immediately hang up when he heard my voice!...I didn't give it much thinking in the beginning as I thought maybe he's busy or something, until I bumped into a mutual friend's status on FB and found that he likes her status so I thought of checking his news feed but little did I know that he fucking removed me from his list!!
I quickly texted my friend "S." & explained the situation wondering if he knows anything about him, so he checked and found that he removed ALL of his gay friends and gay acquaintances from his friend list. I instantly sent him a msg on FB checking on him and wondering about what's going on and I also sent the same msg to our mutual friend(the one with the status):
Me: Hey sweety, hru? [My friend's name] removed me frm fb and doesnt answer my calls =S do u know anything abt him or y he did that? =(
Her: he did that with all the gays ..he became straight now and he is dating a very very beautiful gurl and he is going to marry her..i hope u do the same aswell :_)
Me: Interesting!
Where [his BF name] go? Did he become str8 cuz they broke up masalan? =S
Mesh 3aref ya [her name] bass el mawdou3 gharib ya3ni, it cant happen in one night!
Thx dear 4 replying =*
Her: no he left him and decided to be str8 to be able to live in this life and make a family
Me: I know dear that enti malkish zanb 2 tell u so, but plz tell him that i wish him the best in whatever he chose and i need at least 2 meet him 4 the last time 4 the sake of the friendship we once had! I don't even deserve a good bye?!!
Her: u cant meet him ya [my name] at least not now his mom is in egypt
Me: Eb2i khaleeh yekalemni tayeb =S

So C'est tout?! That's all I get? No bloody explanation? If I went to his apartment, would he close the door in front of me?!...I'm so disappointed, we shared a lot together and he already passed the whole "Sexuality confusion" phase LONG time ago! But still, If he chose to be the S word, why would he cast me away of his life in a blink of an eye like that?!! Was our sexual orientation the only only thing we had in common?! OMG!
I know that the gay scene and society in Egypt is not encouraging at all, but If you get fed up with it, you just leave the country or stop meeting guys or whatever!

But NO, I won't surrender, I'll go to his apartment, I'll do my best to get his ex.BF's contacts and call him! I SHOULD MEET HIM! and I deserve at least a fucking goodbye!


  1. You are missing the gay bible; There's no greater power than the power of goodbye...
    I believe you cared about this guy and when the pain of this treason will pass you will realize that all you want is his happiness even if it is away from you.

  2. Look, a friend is a friend. He doesn't owe you a goodbye, he owes you more like a goddamn explanation for behaving like this! I wonder if he were a true friend after all.

    I don't know. I don't want to judge. But, yeah don't let him get away with this.

  3. Anonymous:
    Yes, I want his happiness and I'm not that against his sudden tragic weird decision.

    Well, the things is he didnt explain anything 2 me, he said that it's out of his and he is so sorry 2 end it this way!
    Yeah He was a true friend unfort.!

  4. IQ dnt take it personal.He took a life changing decision and he probably needs to stay away from reminders of his past for a while. May be one day if he can take it he will get in touch. If you were real friends, it must have been very difficult for him to decide to cut all ties. If I were you I d send him a FB message wishing him all happiness, making it clear u r nt judging him and will be there when he is ready.

  5. it's probably really tough on him as well, just give him his space and try to respect his decision. you may thinks its bad that he turned straight but try to think of it in reverse, you get criticized all the time for being gay. sexual orientation shouldn't be anyone's business. let him be and you don't have a right to mock his decision with that cynical opening.

  6. I am sorry to say there is not much of an explanation for this deed do you truly believe what he will tell you will change how you feel? Nope nothing would justify the pain of hurt and abandonment my friend. Pass him on as for your pain you will watch it demolish

  7. Anonymous 8:05 :Staying away from reminders of his past for a while; exactly proves my point! It's like you don't like the colour of a wall so you paint it with another colour but the new colour would get easily removed with some water and oils!
    He replied to my fb msg saying that i've all the rights to be angry at him and he hopes that I accept his apology!...I'm not judging him, he's free to do whatever makes him happy but I'm angry for cutting me out this way!

    Anonymous 7:34 :I already said that I respect his decision and I've no problem that he wants to be str8(thu I don't buy it).
    The cynical opening wasn't for him only, it was for some other guys too! ;)

    Sou:You are right and I know that I won't accept him if he came back to his senses(I know that sooner or later he'll come back, hornyness always wins!)

  8. Yes it does my friend it always does :)

  9. Oh mate drop him he isn't worth a nickel trust me move on he even ain't worth the confrontation you are seeking he dropped you so drop him as for the horniness well let him crawl back and watch his disappointment tails waggle as he walks away ;)

  10. Oh forgot to mention that the restaurant joke is dope man truly it got me giggling'

  11. Breaking news: He called me yesterday and he'll explain everything when we meet in tonight's party!
    So let's wait and c where it'll go!

    glad u liked the joke =D

  12. back on track :)


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