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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Life smiles again!

My father just got me a new laptop! I'm so fucking happy, u've no idea! It's like one of the greatest things that could happen/ed to me this year!

It's silly that you only see life beautiful when you are happy; I got so happy for my friend "Native" for losing 7KG of fats(not that he was really fat anyway) and working out really hard to get in the fabulous body shape we all dream about! I also got very happy for my "Spectacular" friend for dating "the one" and getting head over heels, he needed someone like the guy he's dating aka his future boyfriend because unfortunately Spectacular is a kind of guy that gets SO motivated and optimistic when he is in a relationship so you can imagine how much he's over the moon now with someone that perfect!

That's the first post to be posted from my brand new laptop! =)


  1. Congrats for the new laptop :))
    Be Happy!

  2. Congraaaats, finally, well don't forget skype
    Thnx for mentioning me in ur post, I think WE r becoming the new S&M (Sh&Mo) but in real life for once not in the la la land
    Indeed, life is spectacular

  3. yay - does this mean that you'll be posting more regularly now? :P

  4. Spectacular:Thanks sweety and u welcome =)
    lol @ S&M!

    Anonymous:Haha not really, as not having a laptop wasn't the cause of me not posting alot! =P
    But yeah, I guess I'll post more anyway!

  5. Another brick in the gay wallMay 17, 2009 at 12:24 AM

    "Happiness, what else are we chasing in this world?"
    You're in Heaven, baby!


  6. Touché and I'd love to stay in heaven as longer as possible =)

    Thanks aحmd!

  7. mabrouk for ur new laptop.. really happy to know that.. its helping life getting more organized.


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