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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Me & my possessive side, have you two met before?

Thursday night, sipping my cappuccino in my favourite cafe, blowing some smoke circles, chatting with some friends and checking some websites to pass the time until I decide which "going-out" plan that would suit me the most. Time passed and there isn't any one of my friends who came up with any interesting plan and before I knew it; an international number was vibrating my mobile and the light effects reflected on my ear to ear smile, I didn't immediately recognize the voice, he said that we met long time ago at Harry's pub and that I was with a girl friend of mine, but I finally recognized him when he said his facebook name, he is "Bash" a late 20-something years old successful Saudi bourgeois!
So I changed my plans from going out with fellas to blowing a phallus; it was a call in the perfect timing, I already had no interesting plans yet and my last time sex with almost 3 weeks ago!

One hour later, his room's door opened and I was greeted by a very sexy figure, just about my type; The sexy tanned defined body, the skin head, the edible lips, the nicely haired chest and the dirty beard and a while later he developed a tent in his pants that scout boys could have camped there!
Sex was obviously great and I enjoyed his company over dinner at that cosy Marriott's Royce restaurant, we talked about past, present and future; the mutual friends we've, our interests, his career of advertising and I couldn't resist telling him about my blog when he told me about his book! I usually don't talk about my blog with anyone who would be a potential material that could be blogged about! So I thought that he could be my plus one for the next day's big Birthday party of my friend "Mohinder", he fits in that criteria; he has interesting personality and sexy looks!

Friday night, Me, Bash & my LEO Jordanian friend were waiting in front of Mohinder's BF's dublex apartment with me having spasmed calves & back and severe headache from the too much standing and exposure to sun in the afternoon in Korba's carnival(aka my TESTERONE carnival!) with my very sweet friend "Iten"!
I made an entrance, greeted my friends, went upstairs to change to my beach wear as it was the party's theme and I couldn't wait to see Mohinder's facial expression when he opens my gift which was a whore version of Barbie Doll!
Bash kept my company while I was fixing myself a drink to ease the pain and the headache, I then introduced him to most of my friends, we moved along with the music and I kept his company for almost all the time because he doesn't know anyone so I definitely don't want him to feel cast-ed away. Few minutes later many guys arrived and some of them were trying to hit on Bash, I don't know why but I was mad at them though it has nothing to do with neither him nor them, it's perfectly fine that guys would hit on him and he responds; he is in town for few days and he needs some fun, but at that moment I really felt the possessive side of me so clear and obvious! I know that I shouldn't act that way, we are not even dating and we won't because he's a traveller, so I really disliked my possessive nature that night and it screwed my mood when I left the party!

He left around 1:30 and he didn't let me walk him to the door as he's already leaving with that trashy American guy, so I kissed him goodbye, fixed myself a 4th drink and headed to the dance floor to shake the stress away or let me rephrase it; to "bash" the "possess" away and the disco ball's rays diverse-d it away indeed!

So here I am, back home with an irremovable birthday stamp on my hip bone, typing this and thinking about that sexy guy who figured out that I'm the owner of this blog when I told him my Moroccan name(Nordine, the one I use on the blog), he kept gushing about my blog, I was flattered but I freaked out because I felt naked with all my stories in front of a total stranger!
Anyway I'd meet Bash again but I'm sure going to read his autographed book edition in the next days!


  1. I didn't know u liked him that much
    I still remember that side of urs, but I know it's the Scorpio's nature. It's either this or u wanna be free all the time.
    Anyway, I enjoy the bitch funny u more, oh and now I have more material to gossip about in Jedda :p

  2. Ma the thing is that it's not about me liking him or not! I'd be possessive in both cases.

    You mixed things up lol am still the funny bitch =P and u r right, possession is a 100% Scorpio nature!

    Plz include blog as an evidence to ur gossip but he didnt do anything wrong anyway!

  3. hmmm am i a scorpio without knowing it? In my own case it's not exclusively possession as much as not wanting another to have what's "mine", i'd have been pissed in that situation as well, i tend to flirt back with guys i reject as soon as they start looking at someone else, and i guess it's all about my being very insecure, and this brings us to my advice for you ice queer; dig a bit deeper and see WHY you feel that way.
    7abeit el whorish barbie doll, lol!

  4. Oh don't get me started about "not wanting others 2 have what's mine" and not only about Men! lol
    i'm taking this piece of post to my therapist next session so he can help me "dig deeper".

    Duh! I know u'd like it, anyone would adore it! =P
    thank u 4 ur sweet comment

  5. mmmm finally starting to be honest with urself. love the anonymous comment , totally true , and u should really dig deeper thats what i ve been trying to tell u all along, discuss it with the therapist, guess he can find the sugar coated words for u

  6. its not about possession its about common decency
    1. the guy sleeps with you the day before
    2. you take him out to a party...
    3. he leaves with another guy

    we are not animals we dont need to have sex with different guys every day ... well eventhough we would like to...

    its not about possesion but it is about possesion we own this guy ... you are the only who knew him when you got him to the party and did him a favor rather than him sitting alone in his house... even if he didnt have sex with you... he shouldnt go have blatantly sex with another guy... again its about decency... and again we are not animals

  7. oh and FYI i saw him... he WAS NOT THAT CUTE!!!!! he looked just average

  8. Head_banger: I've always been honest with myself!

    Q: Thank u, point taken =)
    he's not cute but he's sexy 2 me!

  9. well being a Scorpio means Obssesive , Possesive and vindective over any thing or any one , this comes for sure with the sexiness and irresistable charm :))
    @ Q : it got nothing to do with common decency , having sex with some one on a no strings attached basis does not make them yours on any level , and yeah we are not animals and should not be having sex every day with every human we can meet , but still when you are on a vacation in some other country rules are different ....

  10. You have been tagged, Get right on it now..
    I mean PLEASE ;)

  11. XY: Yeah I know that's part of my Scorpio nature =)
    thank u for ur comment

    Sou: lol I'm not a big fan of those tags, I'll check it and see If I like it or not =P
    Thank u anyway =D

  12. glad u liked the party in the end...and learned somethin about urtself 1 way or another...i love my slutty barbie!!

    be a happy gay boy!!
    mohinder here:D

  13. Haha thank u and hope u like my blog =)

    I'll get her a pimp doll in ur next bd =P

  14. Possesiveness is one of the most attractive Scorpio traits. It totally sets us apart from the rest and adds a bit of charm!

    I don't think you needed to dig deeper, but if you were dwelling on this dude for longer than your hangover, maybe you need to be more detached next time around!

  15. Yeah possessiveness is a great notion, isn't it?
    Do you've a blog? your blogger profile is discreet lol


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