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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Messages from a heart to heart!

....Listening to Fairuz's relaxing songs, reflecting a bit, missing sitting by the sea side, missing wintery Alexandria, couldn't help but think about some people so I thought of writting these messages to them, no matter if they will read it or not, understand it or not, appreciate it or not and if I'll be fair enough to them or not!

To André, my Italian guarding angel:
You already know that you are very special and important in my life, I really can't wait for you to come back again to Cairo, you are such a pure and mature person, you are always there whenever I need you, when I need to talk with someone with no agenda, to whine about any trivial hideous thing that bothers me, you never failed to boost my self-esteem and my self-confidence whenever I needed!
I owe you too much!

To Claude, my ex.BF:
Getting over you was not that easy, finding someone else is still not that easy, am not sure if you caused some trust issues trauma for me or not, increased my commitment issues or not, you made me doubt if you ever loved me! How many other guys did you cheat on me with?! you really proved to me that bed language is the most spoken and comprehendible language ever, provided that you only speak French & German(which I doubt too)!
But regardless what happened between us, I google you every now and then to check on you and keep myself posted with ur latest news!
You indirectly made me much more stronger after I broke up with you & broke my heart, so thank you for that! =)

To Ezzie, my eccentric morbid friend:
I know what I'll write won't be very expressive, you are my relationships/dating guru, you are the first one I run to whenever I wanted to talk about someone I'd date or someone am thinking about a little bit too much, I always wondered how someone relatively young could be that mature, intellectual, sophisticated(in the good way =P) and well cultured?! You always impress me with your mental abilities, your intelligence and your uniqueness!
Altough sometimes I get this feeling that you don't care that much about our friendship or that am one of your priorities and that you are a virgo bitch, but I love you and am very thankful to have you in my life!

To Gaby, bad Gee:
I wish I had known you earlies, I still can't remember when and how we first met lol, you are really one of a kind, you never failed to magically draw a smile on my face or make me laugh out loud from the bottom of my cold heart chambers, you are such an easy-going person, very clear and not complicated!
Keep rocking my life like the party dive you really are!

To K!, my unidentified relationship:
We are not friends as I still want you on bed, we are not lovers, we are not fuck buddies and we are not dating, so what are we?!
I love to be around you although you don't take steps and neither do I, I guess we are truely Scorpios about that like what Ezzie told me once before about what Scorpios deal with people: "You keep staying there until I decide what to do with you!", I get very jealous whenever I feel that someone would grab you out of my grip, donno if it is part of my possessive nature or not but I just can't imagine you with someone else!
You'd be surprised how much I miss you these days! Maybe because you are away? I'm scared that I'd tell you very soon that I love you.....!

To Karim El Werdany(Mohamed), my missing friend:
I'm dieing to know where the hell are you? I still remember our last phone call 3 years ago when you told me that you came out to your parents and then you suddenly DISAPPEARED!
I guess you traveled to your father in Switzerland! I still have your number and I call you every now and then in an ultimate desperate hope to find your number in service again!
I wish I could just see you or talk to you again! I hope you are doing well and happy in your life!

To Spectacular, my literally spectacular friend:
You have no idea how much I miss you now after you are gone! I never needed to explain myself or anything to you, you always understood me, we have a great bond that nothing would dare to break it even with an evil vicious catalyst!
I never imagined that we would get that close when I first met you, the conversation we had over late lunch at San Stefano mall, what you were wearing that day...I still remember everything as if it happened yesterday!
I miss our days together, the non-stop fun, the endless conversations and EVERYTHING!
Please bring those days back ASAP!

To someone I sleep with:
You made me re-discover the sexual me, you disclosed my deepest black desires, I would never get of your nectar but I can never date you or befriend with you!
I couldn't help but wonder, shouldn't we be in love with the person that we've great sexual chemistry with? The person we fantasize about in the most sleazy scenarios when we masturbate?!...But yeah, unfort. sex is not everything!

P.S: The messages are in an alphabetical order =P
To be continued one day, maybe....!


  1. one big F . U .

    i refuse to read this on the basis i am not mentioned



  2. ^ Neither do I hehe

    ehh, love should be less about matching outward, and more about inner matches!

    ohh Men! =P

  3. When did you stop being original anyway?! Seriously, i dropped the "25 things about me" but here u go again, with this alanis-style post.

  4. S:
    hehe whatever! =P

    Tell me about it! And yeah, Men r the best thing God had created!

    Dear blog reader:
    I really appreciate ur comment but these r my thoughts & confessions, they might get lame sometimes or original or new or controversial or or or other times!
    I felt like posting these msgs to these guys, specialy Karim's, K's, Gaby's and Claude's msgs cuz I always wanted 2 tell them these words but never had the chance/time!
    Anyway I hope u keep reading the blog and keep posting comments wether negative or positive =)

  5. Hey haven't u ever had a Filipino bf before?!!

  6. Nop, I'm not that into Asians! Why?
    Anyway i had only one BF before and he is Swiss

  7. ra7 mawtak lama shofak :p hik matekteb msg eli ???? mafrod kon ana awel 7ada ya wati :p


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