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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Independence day!

For all the single ladies and gentlemen out there, wish you a fantabulous Independence day!

For all my ex.dates,, promising dates and my beloved friends, wish you a cheerful Valentine's day! But didn't valentine's become too commercial, tacky and cliché?!
Anyway am going on a date tonight with Urban! Yes, believe it or not! He just called me and excused for being in Paris all this time(yeah, RIGHT!), so i'm going to meet him and will revenge in the right moment! I just hope it won't be like Samantha Jones' revenge plan of an ex lol!


  1. So much for the tackiness of valentine's day...

  2. Hope that every thing went well :]

    If not, then you can always consider me as a warm shoulder wheneva need to cry =P

  3. Since you are going on a date, it apparently means you haven't made up your mind yet whether you prefer it an independance or a Valentine day.

    Good luck and happy happy sweet revenge!

    Gosh..I didn't know you are that into horoscopes. Yep I'm scorpio.

  4. Anony: lol

    Rany: he's such a sick a person! I dont wanna talk abt it lol i should learn from my mistakes!

    Rose: i prefer it independence and if u know me well, u'd know that i dont consider going on a date is something romantic! =D

    lol asl ur last post was so me, so scorpio fa i wanted 2 make sure =P

  5. LOL Happy independence Day indeed I love the spirit :) although my VDay was amazing :P

  6. and u r most welcome about the title for your blog Ice I just saw you as such so thank you :D

  7. Sarah: Well, u r not single so no happy Independence day 4 u! =P

    Paul: =D

  8. Outch!
    Sorry hayati for such disappointment, In love and War there is now way you can learn from your mistakes =P

    Hey cheer up, I know who can put you in a good mood (oh sorry I forgot,you know him already) =P

  9. Rany: Lol thanks but he didn't upset me to begin with! =D


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