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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Life theater!

Scene I:
At "Um El Masryeen" hospital, one of Egypt's dusty antiques, waiting for the lousy doctor to show up, most of the class are girls, it's always interesting to secretly follow their conversations specially the ones between those ugly veiled geeky girls, they are jokingly fighting now over each others' parts of today's presentation, not only they recite the research but also they keep drafts between the papers of the research so as to aid them during their speech!
I always wondered why these girls are taking all college-related stuff too serious?! This whole presentation/research will provide them with a bloody 5 marks max! Sometimes I like to examine their IQ and they never failed to disappoint me, they are not that smart, they are just a walking parrot who study and recited dozens of information without even comprehending it!

On the other hand, most of them come from the country side with no social life, so I guess they take college too serious so as to compensate their socially unfulfilled life or their lack of self-fulfillment, they want to prove to themselves & the world that they are out there and they are important!
I am not saying that we shouldn't take college seriously, but be normal! Chill out, make friends(who have more things to talk about other than Doctors, subjects & studying), go to movies, check art exhibitions and live your life any way you like and in the same time be as bright as you can and try to understand what you are studying and reciting! Unfort. people like that are the ones who score in our rotten corrupted educational system of Egypt!

Scene II:
Parked my car beside the subway station to avoid the heavy traffic from the hospital to college, always loved taking the subway though it is very crowded & smelly but I see it as a big open theater, you can witness the huge diversity; all social classes of each race from the beard guy with shortened slack of pants to the bourgeoisie girl! you get the feeling that the platforms are the behind scenes, tube driver is the director, passengers are the cast, their conversations are the scenario, life is the author and you are the only spectactor! so here you go one funny conversation:
- Howa kowayes...3arees kowayes tab3an...bass fi 3eeb kedda! [He's nice...good future husband...but there is something wrong]
# Eh? [What?]
- 3ando "soba3" zeyada fi eido el chemal! [He's an extra finger in his left hand]
# Yakhti!!...khadeteeni!! Dana olt hat2ooli fi neseeba(wa de7ket de7ka khabeesa wa baladi kedda)..e3tebreeh "obtion" zeyada ya 3enaya! [Oh! You scared me, i thought it's something big(laughing a slutty laugh)..consider it an extra option, darling!]

Scene III:
Arrived to college, looked at the regular model of guys & girls, the Egyptian-tanned guy with too much cheaply glowing waxed hair, dirty trimmed beard(and not in the good way), big shades which he attends most of the lectures with(and am sure he doesn't take it off when he goes inside city stars mall in the morning), pumped pecs, tight t-shirt to complete & expose the summer-worked-out-body shape, tight jeans with hideous drawings near the back pockets & ripped at the knees, dark jacket, long necklace, tight leather belt with big "Energie" buckle, a cigarette in one hand and Nokia mobile in the other hand, MP3 headphones descending around his neck, usually listening to Tamer Hosny on his mobile loud speakers! you can meet bunch of guys everywhere who look like LAMEr Hosny, no wonder they call him "Star of Generation"!

And most of the girls are veiled with very tight jeans or bermuda jeans, the noisy colours of her veil(which looks as if it's wrapping a gift not her face) usually match with the eye blinding colours of her body carina, wearing too much make-up & perfume and too many necklaces around her neck to sneak out from her veil!
Meanwhile, girls who wear Niqab are easily spotted, they all look the same; aggressive, criticizing everything and judging all people as athiests, always ready to preach everything that is religion-related as she believes that she knows better than anyone in religion once she wore a dark garbage bag that only shows her eyes making me feel scared of her and doubting if she is a spy male or a human bomb which will explode at any second to clean the college and society from the sons of monkeys and pigs!
You can also notice the rare breed of unveiled girls(usually christians), they always have this long old-fashioned straightened hair or doing a pony tail with scrunchie, wearing very ordinary mismatched outfit and yellowish accessories!


  1. Utterly true. I see this everywhere in the Arab society. It's pathetic. Though one has to say the different social upbringings and backgrounds tend to pressure the less cultured into such acts that they believe would help them overcome this barrier. We, on the otherhand, think it is a sad way of blending in.

  2. Sad but 100% true , I do agree with all the post, you know I used to think of it as a pathetic way of living for them but i do owe them all a thank you for making me laugh sometimes and thankful that i have a brain that actually works :))

  3. Well regarding scene 1, you can't really blame the women for this. Sure they could get off their arses and try to change society but they have been dumped upon for so long by the MEN that they no longer bother... It's the men who we have to thank for this utterly unfair situation... "Don't leave the house" "Who was that u were talking with on the phone" "Where is my food? There's not enough salt in it" (In other words you don't make molekheya like mummy made it you BITCH) when they r just trying to do the best that they can. Go easy on the women, take some time to smell the Chanel No. 5, bro!

  4. The post is funny but I think you are falling for the usually foreign stereotype of vailed girls. I dont wear the hijab and dnt think I will but I have family and friends who do cover their hair by choice and they are smart funny,etc normal ya3ni. Theres a huge difference bet those doing it by choice and those morally forced to wear it.And there a huge difference bet one doing it bec she thinks that according to religion her body is 3awra and one doing it bec she wants to feel closer to God.
    Having said that the reason many girls from lower classes wear/forced to wear it is bec it was thought that it gives some form of protection from harrassment but of course now we all know that for some horny always-on EGY guys even women in niquab are targets.
    I also think your view about those coming from mo7afazat is very TVish.
    Kudos for the Lame Hosny lookalikes very accurate :D
    @last anon:as long as there is no real democracy in EGY some men will continue to take it out on the women bec thats the only domain where they feel they can have some power+ some women actually like that for e.g. ask the help in your house what does she think about her husband beating her or getting jealous and telling her not to go out or stand in the window and you will get the shocking answer that shell be very sad if he doesnt because its a sign he doesnt care and doesnt love her!

  5. I'll just point out a few sentences I particularly liked :
    I always wondered why these girls are taking all college-related stuff too serious?!

    "they are not that smart, they are just a walking parrot "

    "guys everywhere who look like LAMEr Hosny"

    Now don't You feel you sound a bit :
    "aggressive, criticizing everything and judging all people"

    and that you are not letting others:
    "live your life any way you like"

    Ice queer, you might think this is to attack you but in fact it isn't, could easily spot those sentences because i used to (and still do at times) do exactly the same, in my quest of claiming my freedom of choice and difference I let my ego take over and i became the know it all laughing at all the idiocy i see around.

    Balance, my friend, balance, their being wrong won't make you more right by the least bit.

  6. Guymovingaround:
    Very interesting point of view!

    Hehe it's sad that they make us laugh, you know?! =D

    I'm very feminist, I LOVE strong and powerfull women and there is nothing wrong to excel and prove yourself and your abilities! but unfort. this type of women is not the ones I see in my college!

    I'm with you, am against women who are veiled because they are morally forced to(which is the case of many veiled girls of the lower class and some middle class) and sweet coat it with the religion camouflage!
    And of course it's so stupid that veil will protect them from harrassment, back in 50s there were less veiled women and more reveiling dressed women and the harrassment was much more less than the time being!
    About Mo7afazat, well I always tend not to judge people by where they live but they always prove me wrong, most of them are the perfect image for this stereotype!

    btw I totally agree with ur reply to anony1! Women are so complicated anyway =D

    Blog Reader:
    Excuse my the seeds of sarcasm in my nature which grow rapidly with the right water supply! =)

  7. this post can be anything but objective, u generalize that all girls in ur colage r not smart, how did u know, also u telling me that whoever wear niqab are agressive, and u, according to this post, are not?!

  8. I didn't generalize anything, they are def. smart powerfull girls in my college who I respect and adore, I just wrote about those ones I've been noticing over days!
    Well, the few monaqabat i delt with were aggressive when they deal with men or me at least but again I'm not generalizing anything! Akeed there r exceptions out there!

    Thank you for passing by =)

  9. @Brownie :

    Who said that a blog should be objective , i find blogging is a 100% subjective act and that what makes it interesting , moreover whoever thinks that putting a veil on her hair is the sole ticket to heaven no matter how hedious she looks or behave is pathetic as it manifests the modernized egyptian religion that focus on appearances rather than core values and and i do myself believe that niqab should be banned for many reasons first of all it is not a fard and what's more important is that it ruins the image of the scoiety and demeans women who wears it ........Salut:))

  10. XY
    i would agree so much that hijab in Egypt becomes a fashionable trend or a tradition, but the real meaning of hijab is go far byond that piece of cloth over the hair, it emphasize values that every girl who wears it should has.
    for niqab, it is a personal choice and of course does not harm anyone.

    i don't like when people generlaize and say that all women who wear hijab r retarded and looks like clowns. what is the relation?!

  11. I loved this post,you didn't filter your thoughts so this is what made it interesting.
    Anyways, I am gonna say this, just think if you were reincarnated as someone else, a suburbs person for instance, you would have been listening to Tamer, if you were reincarnated as this veiled girl, you would have done the same thing, I think human beings are a product of factors, it's not really their choice in the very first place to be who they are..
    Have a great day.

  12. Well even though I dnt wear it but I think its been the object of too much fuss on both sides of the spectrum even though at the end of the day its a personal thing. I dnt see the same fuss made about a womans choice to take off as many clothing articles as possibly allowed by the law and same about using women to sell everything.
    As a woman I can in a way see the point of hijab, in a way all religions teach the importance of dressing moderatly and teach against using ones physical attributes to gain an advantage, that rule applies to both men and women (although its seems that in our socieities the men side of it got blurred and hushed about). For me I like that notion of playing it fair in life bec we knw that some of us get an advantage asked for or nt bec of the way they look, sound ect. Also, it means that a woman is treated as a human nt a nice thing to look at
    Finally, I think in our region as a Muslim I would say that the majority tend to be ignorant about many important things in the religion we only knw wt we hear repated around by family, tv, friends ect. I discovered that when I had to study Sharia as part of the course work at Law School and I have to thank whomever is responsible for teaching us a course on man-woman relations in Islam so many things are not being told and what we usually keep on hearing has mostly to do with women obligations not rights and not men obligations towards women.

  13. Brownie and Anony(4):
    Again, i didnt generalize anything! I just described/talked about ppl I c every day in college, streets and life in general, i respect the spiritual value of veil but i just hate how some ppl deal with it and exaggerate in religion in general! Religion is something between you and god!

    i loved ur comment, but if that happened, i'd be less liberal and less cultured but i wouldnt be lame or listen 2 tamer; there r certain things u r born with, like taste and uniqueness!

  14. OMGosh Ihab, Are you making a judgment over physical appearance?
    And based on some people's conversations?

    Well, let me ask you Ihab, what if someone heard you talking to a guy friend (a f*k buddy) about dating him, what do you think people's judgment will be?
    you're judgment is so harsh, you little boy!

    Think about it, I mean personally I made such judgment about YOU once upon a time, from the stories that I used to hear from people, but when I got to know you somehow better, I realized that your pretty amazing guy, talented, caring, and charming
    Yes, hyperactive very attractive =P

    Anyways, try something new, get to know some people (a slice) and watch them, study them and then come again and make a new post, I can swear that your tone will be quite different =]

  15. I didn't say that they are bad persons, I didn't even talk about their personalities...I just wrote about what I see everyday!

    I got to know few of them(males and females), they are nice and sweet wa koll 7aga but still that wouldn't change what i've wrote about them!


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