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Friday, February 6, 2009

25 things about me!

Well, many of you guys don't know much about me, so here you go =P
  1. 26th of October 1988 is my birthday, Scorpio of Pisces ascendant
  2. One of my dreams before I die is to drive with an automatic machine gun in my hand
  3. I'm of a Moroccan mother
  4. I was born in Cairo and lived in Jeddah from zero years old to 4-5 years old
  5. I was in Jésuites school during kindergarten but then my father moved me to an English speaking school when he came back from Jeddah to find his beloved son speaks only French and very bad Arabic(which was more Moroccan than Egyptian lol)
  6. I've a sister who's older than me by 2 years and a brother who's younger than me by 8 years
  7. Stupidity really gets on my nerves
  8. I love to smoke; Kent 6 is my fav. cigarettes
  9. I'm always curious to know what happens after we die, which sometimes makes me think about committing suicide to experiment death and after life
  10. I had only one boyfriend before, he was Swiss and it lasted for a year and few months but on and offs
  11. I've commitment issues
  12. I'm Agnostic
  13. I hate being analyzed, being asked personal questions, people who think they know more than anyone do, excessive compliments, having to trust a stranger, lying and deceit, insincerity and apathy
  14. I know Elissa personally and I've met her 3 times lol(lame info, no? =P)
  15. I sound mellow, bored and sleepy on phone so when someone tells me that I sound sexy on phone, i know he's lying! =D
  16. I get bored so easily and nothing impress me much
  17. A lot of tiny trivial things would make me smile
  18. I'm Claustrophobic & Germophobic and I've OCD(all acute state thu lol)
  19. I've armpits fetish
  20. I love it when I come home to an empty house
  21. I love watching movies and sometimes I love going alone to theater
  22. I never forget a thing and I love to revenge
  23. I want to die young
  24. I hate cock rings
  25. I don't talk much about myself in front of anyone, I always tell ppl what I want them to know, I like mysteries, secrets, winning, being acknowledged, passion, honesty and privacy
Feel free to add more info about me, if u know any =)


  1. More infos? got long legs, right?

    I read it somewhere!

  2. Hehe yeah, u r right about this! =D

  3. You like D&G, don't ya? Plus i do have to say you have a way of keeping guys constantly thinking about you :)

  4. Long legs? hehe ma3alena! :P

    Well, that was a very interesting post actually.. bs it's kinda strange you say you sound mellow on the phone coz you're very hyperactive online.

    And dude, what's with you and death?? you mentioned it like 3 times!!

  5. Death is a very interesting expirement 2 me!

    Hehe i sound mellow as in my voice!

  6. Loool @ love to revenge
    I've been fwded this on FB. I hate to fill these things up
    U forgot to mention ur Samira Said performance :)
    I've just discovered that I could a feed for this blog to my RSS app on my iPhone. Bathroom time never been more fun :P I read all ur posts.
    One last thing. By all means, u r ICE QUEEN

  7. Hehe ah ma i hate those notes on fb, but i thought it would be cute on blog =P
    lol @ Samira Saïd performance =D

    i told u before that u can RSS feed it, and LOOL I love to read my fav blogs in the bathroom =DD Ice queen? 3eib keda odam el gamaheer =P

  8. I love it that you share keep it up

  9. vindictive huh! i've always though vengeance was such an interesting notion!

  10. I wanna add something, you totally believe in zodiac! :D

  11. Sarah & Inso: Thanks girls =*

    Gia: DUH! =P

  12. akhhhhh you forgot to mention love attention!! you absolutely love attention even more than i do...

    however i am more of a diva,,, because lets face Little Z, i am Big S. :)

    jajaj missed you this weekend it was loads of fun you should have came over when i told you so

    i am in saudi back in cairo on tuesday

    FAB S.

  13. its issra =)... i cant believe u know Elissa!! ahh i love herr hahahaha
    thankyou so much for ur help btw ur a really nice person! =)
    mwah x x

  14. S.: lool shut up!

    Israa: hehe will take u with me in the next she comes 2 Egypt =D
    Thank u and u r welcome =)


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