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Monday, February 23, 2009

Beauty and the Priest!

It's been such a long time since I last had a threesome, so when the perfect opportunity found my way I couldn't help but grab it....!
I picked up "X"(background: X is someone I wrote about before in the blog under different nickname but he'll be "X" in this post for his own privacy as some of the readers already know him in real), passed by drinkies to get some booze for the mood-setting as I had to totally block my mind so as to truly know if I still have feelings for X or not specially that I get emotional when I'm drunk!
30 minutes later we were searching for the guy's room(Background: he's a Greek Priest from Alexandria, and he doesn't know that I know that he's a priest lol), knocked the door, a shirtless sexy bearded man welcomed us "Hello boys, come on in!", I quickly finished up the chit chat and then my long tongue was inside his preaching mouth while X was in the bathroom doing god knows what!
We quickly got into the threesome mood(thanks to alcohol); switched positions, places, roles, sandwiches and everything! I couldn't help but wonder what is so aphrodisiac about men of religion?! They are always very sexy in my eyes, even the normal religious guys (see: Religious Fetish!), sometimes I feel that when they fuck me they kinda feel that they are doing Satan and fighting their uncontrolled taboo desire by nailing Satan down! Call me sick, call me lunatic, call me pathetic, call me irresponsible, call me whatever but I really enjoy that! The priest sent me to heaven; he was sitting in front of the room's bureau, fixing a joint, sucking my dick, I was smoking another joint and out of the blue I found myself inside him! Hash in my head, cigarette in my mouth, fucking a priest and in front of the MIRROR! Too much fetishes in one time!

So yeah I got baptized in my very own lust-licious way and I 100% knew that I've utterly no feelings toward X anymore!


  1. Ummm shakli 3reft meen howe X :p
    bs hayda awel post elak fel blog ma a7ebo :p
    Missing uuuuuuuu :(

  2. Hehe pourquoi tu ne l'aimes pas? =P

  3. Oh man you do have some balls to write this post.. and I do not mean it literally

  4. Lou! Missed you aroun!

    Was it offensive to you? =S

  5. hehe, really nice post. Dejavu all over again
    I didn't know that u had feelings for x. I wish I was there to hear all about it and confess ;)

  6. Nice to see a guy not ashamed to talk about his feelings seriously usually guys are so stuck up about this. U r a refreshing change :)

  7. did you ever stop to think how that preist might be doing boys in his own church? Seriously, how could this man be a preist and how could you all be alright with him?

  8. lol @ your threesome (let's see my background about threesome[s] : It's usually about two guys and one girl, or two girls and one guy) lol

    Anyways, It's not about you being gay or straight, but it's more about commitments, make a commitment about one person only one, be with him and no body but him, find love, don't treat yourself bad Ihab, it ain't do you good by any way ..

    Eshta y3ni nice post lol

  9. i say samething anonymous said !
    is your little brother gay too ? what if you know or see him doing what you just did ? how you gonna feel then ?
    what you did and still do is 7araaam! you get the word ! 7aram !
    even if we all do and commit other sins , the one you talk about is way beyond! if it is not for religious then it would be for little kids who are being biased by what you talk about now and what you publish here and may just go for the adventure nt anything else , causing more trouble to their lives !

  10. one more thing really, how did it start ? being a homo ? what really encouraged you ? do you blame it on any ? do you think it was any's fault ?
    I am curious to know, not for your personal life, but to really know what are the reasons ?
    we always hear of kids been raped, some physically so...etc
    I want to know it from you, what is the cause !! and if you think it can ever be cured??

  11. Spectacular:
    I used to have feelings for him and I just wanted to make sure if I still do or not, and thnx god I don't anymore =)

    Awww...! Thank you! =)

    Who am I to judge? He might be doing boys in the church and he might not, I can't blame him for being a gay priest but I would blame him for choosing to be a priest despite his gayness!

    No, my little brother is anything but gay and if it happened to do something like what I did, I won't feel bad...everyone is free to do what he/she wants! I'll just try to give him some advice about Gay life.

    7araam? If you say so, Did God charge you to do his job and judge people? Are you the one who is going to approve/disapprove my acts in life in order to either go to hell or heaven?

    And about kids, don't worry about can never obligate anyone to be gay! and on the other hand, I don't think "kids" read my blog!

  12. Batates again:
    It's a long story; I was never molested and I've a very healthy family, I just knew about myself on my own and started chatting with gay guys online..etc
    I don't blame anyone and It's not anyone's fault.

    It can't be cured, it's not a disease to start with!

  13. Ice,

    I am glad that you were understanding to my questions and not really offended ! i had a feeling after I posted here that I should have not !
    about the bro question, and your reply , was shocking , not that I waited for " No, he cant be and will not let him be, at all, I expected kind of reply you did! but just seeing it written still shocks !!

    allow me to go further, would you accept doing it with your brother if he is so ? or it cant be between brothers?
    or even with your best friend's borther ? whoever close?

    do you accept it I AM sorry to your sis as well ? is it okay if she's a lesbo? will it ever ache ??? or hurt??

    I too believe in everybody is free in whatever he does,but for everything there has to be a limit ! and afterall it is all between you and God, but there are some actions non intentionally by doing them badly affect in the community or society we live in.
    and the one you do is a major thing !

    i donno why you argued about the word 7aram ! you think it is not ? it is not a SIN ?
    wasn't it mentioned in all religions? I asked you to read....heard about Qawm Lout ?? I repeat Qawm Lout !
    so , is it a Sin or not ??
    I amnot judging, I am not to, I donot in fact, but meanwhile I cant ignore basics, I cant come up for an example with " stealing" ser2a is 7ala ! can I ? , lying is 7alal ? whatever comes cross my mind and suits me and i then make it 7alal !!
    the basics really cant be changed! and there basics afterall! ....

    I am not accusing the person in you "I am not to, and I dont know you " but the action, the action is what I am talkin about , coz simply in religion,you can not judge on any, coz he can be quitting just before he dies and yetoub n then he is in heaven...el a3mal be khawateemaha ..the deeds with their endings.
    so I am not judging again, but it is a sin. can't inore that!

    also, as mentioned before, el mogahara is much worse, which saying the sin in public.

    I dont believe that you know who usually bumps into your page ! so you can never tell if kids/teenagers or whoever been through your page and got influenced for that !! or you assume that KIDs dont use the internet!!

    for your last part , i see it in a difefrent way, like in un-mixed schools, when boys dont deal with girls, and those girls who yet dont see boys, so all the energy goes to the same sex unintentionally ! it doesnot mean they are gays ! they just didnot apply their emotions in the right place ! nor to the right one ! yet!
    I know some girl who has been single for long, and she was over possessive over her girl friends, giving all energy towards them,

    and now she is married and I can tell she is happy ! I mean, not exploring other things in life may let you think " lead you think " in away that you are somthing "gay" while in fact you are not !, and after you tried it, maybe you liked the adventure,you liked it,but you were no gay in first place !!you chose to be so ! I can see it along your posts and reply, you chose to !!

    the way you say how you discovered it, the way I saw that girl friend, I think it is same !

    I too think you were lookin for sex early enough, thats why you got involved in that at early age! , coz who said that by age of 12 or 14 I dont recall what you said exactly around your blog, but who said you have sex by this age !! dont you think it was quite early !!

    I feel pity for those who got molested and then affected in them being gay ! or those who claim they were born with deformed parts leading to same result, but in your case, I see you chose to be so !!

  14. Well Im sorry IQ but I think you should care if a person you know might be a child molester, criminal and exploiting his job. And did you blame him for choosing to be a priest despite his gayness? No, all you cared for was your own physical joy.
    I dnt get it how could someone talk about the need for others to respect his own choice of who he is and then find it not his place to judge another who might be imposing his own sexual identity on young kids by using his job and abusing the trust their parents have given to him?
    How could a priest be involved in sexual conduct and drugs and you find it not your place to judge? Those choosing to hold a religious post know that they oblige to a higher level of scrutiny of their conduct because ppl tend to trust them because of the nature of their posts. I am not a Christian but I find it very alarming and sad that someone tarnishes a supposedly respectful job in such a way. And why is he a priest if he can not adhere to the very basic rules of priesthood?

  15. true !! what anon just said is more than true !
    while I am sure there will come others to reply that also some Sheikh's do so as priests do !"though as per what we read and see in media , I think it is more common to priests than sheikhs,however,that doesn't make it feel any better or worse whether he is a sheikh or priest..whoever uses his post in an inappropriate way ,and in away causing such damage to others! I think he should get arrested! and whoever knows it and deals with it as Non of his business as you did, is taking part of the crime.

  16. Ice queer, allow me to do the replies for you :

    Batates, plain and simple, Gay people choose to act their sexuality, not their orientation, an easy example, related to the post is easily seen in the straight world, the difference between you and a nun is that you chose to get married and she chooses chastity, but none of you two chose to like men over women i guess.
    I don't talk religion but for starters qawm loot weren't punished for homosexual act, but for possession crimes, they happenned to be homos but that wasn't their sole sin. and no i am not saying it is not considered a sin by religion, i am just correcting a historical fact.
    About the effect on the society, well batates, how would you like a guy attracted to men choosing to act straight, getting married to you or your sister and not fulfilling his marital duties and leaving his wife unfulfilled sexually and wondering why am i not enough for him? does this scenario sound better than two men having sex in their own bedroom (mind you, i didn't throw the effect that bad marital relationship would have on their kids if they had them).
    One last thing, I am horrified by the debate on the priest, when did being gay become equivalent to pedophilia?
    If you are not willing to check psychiatric texts, read the novel lolita or simply watch the news and see that little girls get molested as well by priests, sheikhs and in many instances by their own very straight fathers and mothers. Unfortunately child abuse is very widespread and it is not restricted to gay people as people might think.

  17. that batates/potato person should think 2ce. Man, what are u doing:
    1) reading this blog - don't be assosiated with those sinners, am sure it's against ur religion and
    2) thinking that Ice Queer is gong to go andhave sex with his brother or sister?
    This is a blog! IQ is free to say whatever he wants!
    Are you seriously telling me that homosexuality equates with incest in your mind?
    That has got to be the most ludicrous thing i ever heard, far worse than anything IQ has written here.
    Get over yourself.

  18. Thank you guys for commenting back =) but I need to comment too:

    I would NEVER sleep with my brother, not even with my friends!
    It wouldn't hurt me if my sister is a lesbian.
    How would my so called actions affect the community or the society we are living in?
    I read Qura'n before many times, I know all about Qawm Lout; and like Anonymous said, they were not mainly punished because of their homosexuality...bottom line, yeah having sex(wether str8 or gay) is a sin.

    Mogahara? Na2es te2oli "Eza boleetomm fa estatero" LOL! I'm so against the ideology that says that Gayness is "Ebtela2"!!!
    I wouldn't care about kids who read my blog since their parents didn't care about them enough to check what their beloved kids are reading online!! PLUS my blog is categorized under adult content.

    I'm VERY aware of the "Sexual confusion" phase that we all pass through during high school, NO, it's not my case at all and I didn't even have any sexual contacts with my colleagues at that age.

    How would you know that he's doing it with kids? Do you know him? Have you been a priest before? Are you gay? Do you have any idea about what are you talking about? Have you seen with ur eyes anything like that before?
    I simply don't know if he is doing it with kids or not and I guess the "blog reader"'s comment said everything I wanted to say to you

    Batates, again:
    Me taking part of a crime? seriously? are you for real?!

    I really have nothing more to say and don't need to explain myself more than that

  19. well, I was about writing a long note replying to what I just read, but I figured out that it is turning out to be "Gedal" like everyone trying to prove his point of view right,regardless of anything else!..and I wont dig myself into that.
    afterall,I will only say:
    Rabenna yehdyeena jamee3an, we yeghfer leena.

  20. Batates:
    My dear, no one is trying 2 prove himself right(thu we as arabs LOVE 2 do that); we, or at least me, r just explaining ourselves but actually you were the one who was being so righteous, using religion as a weapon instead of ur BRAIN!
    Believe me, God wouldnt punish me for something he, his almighty, created! =) and he's the forgivable and the mercifull after all!

  21. Well, who said I think only homosexuals could be molesters? My comment would be the same if IQ was a girl having sex w a guy who could thanks to his position and sexual tendancy, be abusing others or raping them men, women, boys/girls.
    Also, you can not deny that for some homosexuals a crucial factor in becoming homosexuals is bec they were raped by someone from the same sex. May be it didnt happen to IQ as he said but it does happen.
    Priesthood requires giving up sex all together and again given the nature of their work and relationship with the worshipers it should be an issue. If he likes sex then he needs to give up his post.
    IQ: do I have to be gay to see a potential danger in a person like that? how is that even related? Is this a new human and legal requirement for members of the society to care about a potential criminal or even ask that person the obvious question?
    Did I see something like that? what does that mean exactly u mean gays having sex or a guy raping a kid? again where is the point?
    Well, we all know child molestation, rape men, women and kids has been on the rise may be just may be if ppl were willing to come forward about it and may be just may be if those who think there might be reasonably something wrong they were not passive about it, the figures wont be rising as qickly as they have been
    The worst part about this whole thing is that u along w many of those who applauded you here keep on talking about the freedom to choose and how you are sure of how and why u are homosexuals and how it wasnt imposed on u yet when put in a situation where someone you knw could be potentially imposing his own sexual desires on others you decide its none of ur business hell, as long as the sex is good why should you care. Well, take a minute and think if you were that kid or a relative brother/sister how would u feel when u knw that someone couldve exposed it but felt well who is he to judge
    I dnt do religion bec well we all have minds , all do mistakes, all are responsible for our choices in life and in the end its bet u and God and ur choices and his compassion BUT to the one commenting on y Qaoum Loout were taken by God's punishment plz balash fati its very clear in all 3religions why their lives were taken but hey if it makes u sleep better thats fine too

  22. tu as vu pourquoi j'ai pas aime le poste? :p
    J'étais sure qu'ils ya bcp de gens vont le crétiquer.
    mais tu sais? J'ai aimé vos commentaires plus que le poste ;)

  23. i have to say something here which don't tell me Allah created u the way u r coz simply He SwT had not created the thieves, killers, rapers, He swt gave u the way and u &them choose that way.
    i remember reading in whether the human being is free or forced for his actions, El Imam el 3'asali said that Allah knows what r u going to do, so u r free and that is why u r going to be asked for ur deeds.
    Allah is justice, so how u expect that He will punish u for deeds u did not choose. and in ur case u choose something that totally forbidden in all religions.

  24. I have to tell you Nour that your war of writing is actually more than wonderful...very enjoyable I give you that.

    "The priest sent me to heaven"
    hehe...well played :)

  25. woooow its really amazing .. for me its always cool when i get some one hypocritical and see his other side of life.

    Anonymous & batates..

    dont worry about the young kids of the church .. there isa huge difference between homosexuality and pedophilia. as not all gays like to have sex with kids and alot of straight guys abuse thier relative kids.

    Ice Queer .. most of guys 7afzeen mosh fahmeen"

    i dont know why ppl who feel fended by being in a gay blog keep bothering. u gan go to el islam hewa el 7al blog. u ll find those ppl thier.

  26. Anonymous:
    I sure can not deny that for some homosexuals a crucial factor in becoming homos is because they were raped by someone from the same sex.

    I said before in previous comment that I belame and judge him for being sexually active despite his post!

    You didn't get my point, you didn't see behind my questions!

    And AGAIN, How the hell I'd know that he is doing it with Kids from the church?! YES, he MIGHT be doing it but still, What does that have to do with my situation? You mean that me agreeing to sleep with him, indirectly means that I agree/tolerate the fact that he MIGHT be sleeping with kids?!! If yes, then sorry my dear you've gone too far!

    Lol oui malh. j'ai vu pourquoi =P et je suis content que tu aimes mes commentaires! =D

  27. Brownie:
    So you are comparing my sexual orientation to theives, killers and rapers?!! I'm very offended!

    And YES, HE created ME this way...Do you've any other explanation for my "case"? Even Psychiatrists around the globe don't have "full" explanation!
    But little did I know that you, Mr.Ghazali and all Islamists know the explanation! lol

    Anyway, glad to have you again in my blog

    I'm flattered =))
    Thank you! really!

    Hehe Thank you for ur comment!
    Anyway I don't feel sad about such comments, bel3aks; I like them, It's always good to discuss with someone with different thoughts/cultures =)

    Hope to see you again!

  28. Wooooooooooooh seems like an over throne is at order on your blog you stirred up quiet a crowd ICe but liked how you handled things :)

  29. Hehe thank u! And as they say "bu3d ma 3indakom" ;)

  30. so, any comment that disagrees with wts presented in the blog must be coming from an Al Islam Howa EL7al person!
    IQ I didnt say it makes you ok with wt hes doing or his partner in crime. Im simply asking how come u didnt ask the obvious question? Also, I dnt see this as related to your issue of being gay again Ill have the same question raised regardless of the sexual identity of the writer.
    To the one saying homosexuality isnt the same as paedophilia yes we all know that but there are some homosexuals who are also paedophiles and yes there are straight persons who are paedophiles.
    Stop dismissing any conflicting opinions as those coming from ppl who dnt know or ppl who dislike you because of your ideas about your sexual orientations. I really dnt care what makes you happy in bed thats ur business and whether its wrong or right is something each one of us has a proper brain to sort out and will be dealt with before God. My main issue is how we ve reached the point where every thing is ok and non of our business even if we could see a potential crime. It's also beside me how IQ and some other blog followers complain about how they are rejected for refusing to abide by the sexual orientation the society has dictated on them but fail to even show the slightest concern about the potential possibility that one of them could be doing the same thing to innocent children! Talking about practising what you preach.

  31. Another brick in the gay wallMarch 8, 2009 at 5:57 AM

    OMG !
    Theset comments are really really really ridiculously annoying (and yeah, mean lol!)

    I wouldn't expect to find such religious comments here !! C'mon guyz,this is an anglophonic blog dealing with gay material .. If he wanna discuss ridiculo-igous issues he'd go AL ISLAM HWA EL 7Al LKOL 7AGA blogs !!

    Obviously he's sharing intimate moments in his GENUINE life (he ain't zombie y3ni !!)

    Every1 insists that the priest is pedophilic (Okay,Nordine,u can simply promise them to confirm the church if u r sure about that anytime , eshta?!!)

    and yeah , most of guys here speak about gays & gayness as if they were mr ghazali discussing complications of hepatitis in a diabetic person !!!

    It's really nice from u ,Nordine,to discuss religious issues with ppl with other ways of (THINKING , lol) but : (lan tarda 3ank al yahod w al nasara 7ata tatabe3 mellatahom) or whatever written in Quran in name of god .. They have to be commited to their holy words so the real discussion is wheather they should think or use the holy ,1500 year old arabic words instead of the beautiful mind (u run in circles when u cure the symptoms not the disease)

    nice blog,i enjoyed it ..


  32. I already clearly said my point of view more than once, so i've nothing more to add if we r going to revolve in an closed circle!

    Thank you Ahmad for ur comment, appreciated =)

  33. @ ahmed
    i think i am free to say my opinion anywhere as long as i respect others not like the way u do, IQ is moderating the comments so if he does not want to read my opinions then he is free to delete them.
    and as IQ said, we run in a closed circle, none of us will be convinced wz other's opinion, so i am not going to talk again

  34. Brownie:
    u r def. free 2 say ur opinion and i like ur comments, I always love 2 hear/read different thoughts and opinions of different persons of different background! plz keep checking =)

    btw since u r half Sudanese what's ur reaction towards the whole Al Bashir tragedy?

  35. i think this post belongs on porn stories rather than this blog.

  36. thanks alot IQ really.
    to tell u the truth, i am not sure if Bashir was involved in the genocide against Darfur ppl or not but at the same time he did not prevent it too and left his people starving to death so i think he is considered as guilty as being involved, so i believe he should be judged and also be able to completely defend himself, i want for him a fair complete judgement.

  37. Anonymous:
    LOL Okay!

    You welcome =)
    I donno, I feel that he's a big player!

  38. Ahmad at least know the meaning of what you are qouting from the Qura'an before hand otherwise you risk sounding silly. Lan tarda 3anka Al yahood..etc has nothing to do with the topic here. Also, if you have nothing to do with the religion you might be better of staying away from that area and that includes religions in general and not just Islam.
    I didnt bring the religion into this you guys seem to be the ones insisting on attacking any person who challanges your line of thoughts as an Islamists.
    Again, most of you here do not follow what you preach. And if you are so intolerant to other opinions then do not make this a public blog and keep on conversing and applauding each other.
    If this information about a preist came out in any respectful society an official investigation would have been opened and ppl would have reported him at least to his church to make sure he's not abusing his job. If it wasnt that I know how the police deal with homosexuals in Egypt and I do not approve of it I would have reported that posting a long time ago.

  39. Did I attack you or any islamist who replied? I just made my point and happily let you guys do it.

    Ok I'll go along with u, but I don't know the church he's working for, I don't believe that Marcus is his real name and Do you think our forensic medicine is that developed 2 prove that I slept with?! So in the end, i'll ruin my reputation by becoming a public opinion's case and you know the rest!

    Mind you, but LOL! Are you serious?! Using a post in a blog in a virtual world over the internet as an EVIDENCE 4 such a case? Even 4 a smaller tiny case! What r u going 2 tell the officers(even if that happened in a more civilized country)? I would easily deny all of that and say that it was a ficitional post, da law 3erfo yewasaloli aslan! =D

  40. hi ,keefak ?
    it is the first time for me to surf ur blog ... it sounds cool ... i never tried threesome but may be after reading this i will ...
    so buddy keep up the good work ... i really like it and i hope i will be able to read the rest of ur writings soon ...


  41. Hey thank u 4 reading my blog and leaving a comment =)

    well, 3somes r gr8 when there is a chemistry chemistry between the 3 guys.


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