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Thursday, February 19, 2009

What the Fuck @#*^%$^?!!!


It made me laugh my ass out! I remembered when he once asked me when are "Esha" prayers after we just had sex! But, it's just got me; if the one I stayed with for almost a year and few months don't know that I HATE Muslims Brotherhood and I'm not religious to begin with, what does that say about the relationship we had together?!

Anyway, I never believed in being a friend with an ex and this incident proves my point more!


  1. That's so weird! :D

    And you're right, being a friend with an ex is so confusing, and it depends on how close you were; you have shared memories and intimate moments, you can't just forget about the past and treat him as an ordinary friend. It would still be confusing even if you decided to have a mature friendship.

  2. It's funny how serious he became about the conversion. I wonder wut we he was thinkin when he was sucking d****
    exes and friendship? It's a way from the less loving partner not to feel guilty after breaking the other's heart. Add to that the charity part
    Anyway, who needs another confused guy who's in denial too
    Eat, pray and have sex. A new book by Claude
    Hehe, am putting my adg anger on ur ex
    Screw them anyway

  3. Gia:
    Hehe yeah! I always say that I could never be a friend with an ex!

    It's all a camouflage honey! He is not into Islam at's something he manipulates the media with! I wished he had had death penalty or life time prison lol

  4. Being a friend with an ex means what? Really considering him a close friend and you go out togethet, meet regularly and confide to each other? or it means keeping a reasonable friendly level of communication after breaking up?

    The first is rather difficult IMO but it isn't impossible, while the second is very possible in my experience (as long as the break up was not a bloody one!)

    I even beleive that being a friend with an ex is the best sign that our feelings got totally neutralized towards him/her. If we can not look in the face of an ex and talk to him/her without feeling a grain of love or hate, it is then I know it is really over.

  5. Rose:
    You are right about you said, but am afraid it seems that I can never do any kind of communication with an ex =S


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